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International "Tesla" Unit of Magnetic Flux Density


T (Tesla) = W (Weber)





Nikola Tesla's name has been honored with an International Unit of Magnetic Flux Density called "Tesla".  This is the highest honor of a scientist's recognition.  Only three American scientists have been honored with an International Unit.  The International Electrotechnical Commission Committee of Action in Munich, Germany, on June 27th 1956 proclaimed:  "the world unit of magnetic flux density in the Giorgi system to be called "Tesla".  The Tesla Unit measures the concentration of a magnetic field, the number of field lines per square meter.  One Tesla Unit is large, equal to 10,000 gauss -  a unit used in the "cgs" system of measure.  All MRI machines are calibrated in Tesla Units, in the range of .5T(Tesla) to 6T(Tesla). 



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the latest method of making visual images of the soft tissue and inner-organs of the human body, to find a tumor, a mass, and a damaged tissue of the body.  This is a method of visualizing soft tissue of the body by applying an external magnetic field that makes it possible to distinguish between hydrogen atoms in different environments.  Polarization of hydrogen atoms by MRI is different in normal and pathological tissues of the body.  This is an application of the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance.