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Tesla Conferences and Meetings in 2011

  1. 2011 Philadelphia Tesla Science Conference July 7 - 10, 2011 (www.teslasciencefoundation.org)
  2. Nikola Tesla EXPO 2011 in Perth Town Hall (Western Australia), 2-17 July 2011, Daily 10am-4pm. (www.teslaforum.org)
  3. Celebrating the 155th birthday of Nikola Tesla in Zagreb, Croatia (July 7 - October 7, 2011, The Hotel Regent Esplanade). Organized by The Nikola Tesla Association - Genius for the Future and Croatian-Czech Society (Click here)


Tesla-Related Links

  1. Wikipedia - Nikola Tesla - An excellent source of information on Tesla.

  2. www.teslasociety.ch - Tesla Society from Switzerland (German)

  3. www.teslaforum.com

  4. www.teslauniverse.com

  5. www.allabouttesla.com

  6. Nikola Tesla and My Thoughts - Website from Branko Jermanis, technical details of Tesla's inventions.

  7. http://tesladownunder.com/ - Beautiful photos of the Tesla Coils

  8. www.tesla-symp06.org - Serbian Academy of Sciences, Oct 18-20, 2006, Belgrade.

  9. Inventors Hall of Fame - Nikola Tesla was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in 1975 with the Electro-Magnetic Motor and Alternating Current (Patent Number 381,968). 

  10. Energy Planet: Renewable Energy Directory - Web directory of information about Nikola Tesla, the Tesla Coil. and Tesla's inventions.

  11. Tesla: Master of Lightning is a new multi-media project about the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla. Produced by New Voyage Communications in Washington, D.C., this new PBS documentary brings Nikola Tesla's remarkable story to a broader audience than ever before. The 90-minute PBS Special premiered nationally on December 12, 2000.  This is by far the best Tesla site on the net, if your interested in Tesla, take a look at this site.  

  12. Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade (new address)
  13. The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade contains the whole of Nikola Tesla's inheritance, including his manuscripts, drawings, correspondence, the books he used, and clippings from periodicals and newpapers which published articles about Tesla, or about the scientific and technical problems he was concerned with.
  14. The Nikola Tesla Reprint Page
  15. Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla
  16. www.tesla-symp06.org - Serbian Academy of Sciences, Oct 18-20, 2006, Belgrade.

  17. Split, Croatia - http://tesla.fesb.hr

  18. Farmingville, New York, October 6-8, 2006 http://ntmsc.org

  19. Banja, Luka, Republic of Srpska Sept 22 - 23, 2006 - http://www.geocities.com/nikolateslaideas

  20. Immigrants Hall of Fame

  21. Biographies of Electrical Scientists - includes biographies for many important scientists of our time, including Tesla.

  22. Maison d'Ętre Bookstore Nikola Tesla - website offers books and informations about Nikola Tesla, very useful.

  23. Nikola Tesla: The Complete Tesla - excellent and very enlightening website on Nikola Tesla and his work.

  24. Twenty First Century Books
    Gary Peterson's impressive site of Tesla-related books and publications.  Nice layout and content.

  25. ERASED AT THE SMITHSONIAN John W. Wagner's site that tries to preserve Nikola Tesla place in history. Very interesting.

  26. NTESLA.ORG - Website by John W. Wagner.

  27. UFOTV.com - sells and distributes Nikola Tesla videos. 

  28. Tesla Purple Plates (in English and German) - Phillip Stul, Switzerland, excellent and educational website.

  29. Tesla Technology Research excellent website on Tesla.

  30. Nikola Tesla in Flash - new website that is 100% flash.  Has a great deal of information on Nikola Tesla and his work.  Very educational.
  31. Jasmina L. Vujic - Associate Professor, Director, ANECL and DECF at the University of California, Berkeley.
  32. Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla - Marc J. Seifer's (a Tesla biographer)  website on Nikola Tesla.  It's a very well designed website.
  33. The Tesla Wardenclyffe Project is working in partnership with the Friends of Science East and the Science Museum of Shoreham, New York to acquire Nikola Tesla's historic Long Island laboratory building and create a multifaceted institution to be known as the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.
  34. http://www.get-in.us/ - excellent website.
  35. Television Poland, Director Maciej Trojanowski - Nikola Tesla website written in Polish.
  36. http://www.vreme.com/cms/view.php?print=yes&id=365952
  37. Tesla Symposiums and Conferences Worldwide in 2006



Non-Tesla Links

  1. http://www.wrcr.com/ - Rockland County's Hometown Radio Station honors the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla

  2. http://www.national-academies.org/

  3. Space.com

  4. President Bush's Vision for NASA (Click here for video speech)

  5. http://www.medalsofhonour.com - Resource for Medals

  6. Links to other Pupin Websites (Google)

  7. Links to more Pupin Websites (Google)

  8. http://medgadget.com/

  9. Njegos.org - Unique source and guide for the history and culture of Montenegro and Serbia.

  10. www.rastko.org.yu - Project Rastko

  11. yuportal.com - Yugoslavian internet provider

  12. http://www.malcolmdesignsinc.com/links.htm - Links for many interesting organizations, including the Tesla Memorial Society of New York Website.

  13. Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava, New York - Nikola Tesla is listed in the book of dead in the Cathedral.  The Nikola Tesla service on January 13, 1943, was conducted in Serbian by prominent priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

  14. Razglednica and Serbian Radio (Beli Andjeo) -  gave significant contribution to Tesla movement in America.

  15. International Telecommunication Union

  16. Telekom Srbija

  17. www.ht.hr (Hrvatski Telekom)