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"The Kingdom of Montenegro" : VHS

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Montenegro is a mountainous Balkan country of rough beauty, located on the Adriatic coast, across from Italy.  Montenegrins are Serbian people.  The history of Montenegro, is the history of the wars and battles, fought against foreign domination.  Montenegro is the only Balkan country that stood free and independent throughout centuries, resisting constant foreign invasions.

Outstanding leaders of Crnojevic and Petrovic dynasties govern Montenegro throughout centuries.  Montenegro formed part of the medieval Serbian Kingdom.  After 1355 the Kingdom began to collapse, and Montenegro became a independent state.  Crnojevic dynasty ruled Montenegro until 1516.  Eastern Orthodox Bishops of Petrovic dynasty ruled until 1851.  That year, Montenegrins Ruler Danilo I took the title of prince.  Montenegro became a kingdom in 1910.  Through marriages of his daughters with European dynasties King Nikola of Montenegro was called, "The Father in law of Europe." Elena, Queen of Italy, was King Nikola's daughter.

The culture history of Montenegro was influenced by Venezia, its Italian neighbor across the Adriatic sea.  The first printing press in Montenegro was brought from Venezia, less than a decade after Johannes Gutenberg discovered printing press in Germany during the mid-1400's.  The first printed book by south Slavs so called "Octoih" was printed in Montenegro in the printing press called "OBOD".

The film, "Kingdom of Montenegro" is the only documentary film about Montenegro in existence today.  The photos documents and other material for the film were taken from the Montenegrin State Museum, in Cetinje, the old capital of Montenegro and from Yugoslav archives (Zagreb Television).  The film represents a short review of Montenegrin history since the 15th century.

The film is a true reflection of the country, its people and the glorious history of this small Balkan country so called Montenegro ("black mountains").


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