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World's Largest Radio telescope goes online in China to register cosmic radio waves

Nikola Tesla was the first scientist to register cosmic radio waves in Colorado Spring Laboratory, 1899

Above: World’s largest radio telescope goes online in China. Image from geek.com.

The world's largest radio telescope began operating in China on Sunday, September 15, 2016. Located in the mountains of the Guizhou Province of China, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST for short) is roughly the size of 30 soccer fields. The radio telescope will gather radio signals from cosmos. The cost is roughly $180 million dollars and took a total of 5 years (2011 - 2016) to complete.

FAST will use its vast dish, made up of 4,450 panels, to search for signs of intelligent life and to observe distant pulsars and dark matter. Each of its triangular panels can be adjusted. It means the surface can be re-angled to allow scientists to study the parts of the sky they choose.

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