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New York, September 3, 2006

From: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President, Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Subject: Tesla Memorial Society of New York (30 year history of the Society)


I was asked to present a paper to the 6th International Symposium Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. The paper is about the Tesla Memorial Society and its importance for continuous operation honoring and perpetuating the memory and ideals of the great electrical scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla, the "Father of Alternating Current", and of modern electrical generation and transmission, Tesla Induction motor, radio, laser beam, neon lights, robotics. Tesla’s name was taken as an International Unit of Magnetic Flux Density, called "Tesla". He was an explorer of the Ionosphere and discoverer of cosmic radio waves and terrestrial waves.

Tesla Memorial Society was founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1980; it is the oldest New York State based and most respected international Tesla organization in North America.

The Tesla Memorial Society Charter: "The purpose of this society is to honor and perpetuate the memory and ideals of the great scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla, through appropriate academic conferences, scholarship awards, and various cultural activities. It is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization".

The Tesla Memorial Society coordinates activities of Tesla societies in America, Europe and Australia. As a result of the work of the Society the name of Nikola Tesla is more recognized.

The Tesla movement is now reaching global proportions. In this year 2006 there are worldwide celebration of the 150th anniversary of Tesla’s birth in the United States, Canada (unveiling of Tesla’s Monument at Niagara Falls), Serbia –naming Belgrad International Airport to Nikola Tesla Airport, Croatia (opening of Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan, Lika, Croatia, and renovating Tesla’s house and his father’s Serbian Orthodox Church), and Australia (unveiling of Tesla bust and festivities at many universities in Australia). All those events you can see on the website of Tesla Memorial Society of New York, www.teslasociety.com

Tesla Memorial Society activities are a factor of peace and science in the world promoting the natural resource of energy. We are living in the age of the internet - the highway of information without boundaries. Internet space is without frontiers. We can reach each other instantly at any point around the globe. Internet time is also unlimited serving visitors day and night around the globe. Tesla Memorial Society website is a principal promoter of the Tesla legacy on the internet. On the internet we have more than 530.000 visitors worldwide. We are supported by many internet engines and many respected American and international organizations and individuals. In our E-mail we are getting messages from all over the world. Our website is the main source of photographs, posters and information for Tesla articles, books, and films in United States. Our website is also linked to many schools and universities for education. There are many thousands of Tesla websites in the world. If you key in "Nikola Tesla" you will get hundreds or thousands of answers.

Tesla Memorial Society has lived for almost 30 years and continues to this day to exert a broad positive influence around the world, primarily because of the web page and many books, publications, scientific papers, TV and radio interviews and other activities of Tesla Memorial Society members. Our internet is linked to the web page of the Serbian Academy of Sciences www.Tesla-symp06.org giving information about Tesla Symposium in Belgrade, October 18-20, 2006 in the Serbian Academy of Sciences.

Tesla Memorial Society is a viable integral part of the U.S. and Canadian people. Society began with joint observance of our U.S. bicentennial celebration as a nation and the 125 anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla with ceremonies at Niagara Falls, New York and with unveiling of the Tesla statue on Goat Island as a gift from the people of Yugoslavia to the United States in 1976. The Tesla statue is the work of the famous sculptor Frano Krsinic.

The founder of the Tesla Society was the late Nikola Kosanovic, teacher of languages and literature in Buffalo, New York. Kosanovic was a guiding spirit of the Society until his death. He devoted his life to the Tesla Society.

There is long list of achievements and activities of the Tesla Memorial society:

In the summer of 1984 delegates of the Tesla Memorial Society had participated in seminars, conferences and programs with the representatives of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, representatives of the University of Novi Sad, The Vojvodina Academy of Art & Sciences, and representatives of the Yugoslav Electrical Industries.

The Pikes Peak section of the IEEE and the Tesla Memorial Society conducted a joint symposium in 1984 observing the Centenary of the IEEE. Governor Lamb of Colorado issued a Tesla Month Proclamation to commemorate his work in the State of Colorado in 1899.

The most outstanding papers were delivered by Dr. James Corum from West Virginia University – "Theoretical Explanation of the Colorado Springs Experiment" and Dr. Rastko C. Maglic – "Thunderbolt Induced Earth Tremor, Possible Resonances".

The Tesla Memorial Society participated in the program of a bust unveiling of Nikola Tesla at the Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh on May 5, 1985. The bust was placed in a most appropriate location for maximum exposure relative to Dr. Tesla’s discipline. It is in the Science Section of the Library adjoining to Dr. Michael I. Pupin bust who is another great American scientist, inventor, professor (Columbia University) patriot, humanitarian and benefactor of mankind. It was a most successful event. One of our Board members who was the script writer for ABC-TV, Terry Howard, had interviewed people from our ranks that included the famous and renowned ELF expert Dr. James F. Corum, our Board member who teaches at West Virginia University.

Charlotte Muzar, secretary of Sava Kosanovic, who was the ambassador of Yugoslavia, and Tesla’s nephew was interviewed for this documentary film about Tesla by Terry Howard. Charlotte told her how she had transported Tesla’s ashes in person and placed it in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. It was an event about history and making history at the same time – a momentous occasion!

Professor Dr. Aleksandar S. Marincic had completed a book for the cognoscenti in science and fiber optic physics. It was titled Optoelectronics. Professor Marincic went to University of Sheffield in England to spend six month to lecture at the University. Professor Marincic was chosen to be the U.N. expert on Tesla in Athens. He is a professor at the Belgrade University and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences. He was the director of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade for over 14 years. Prof. Marincic, was an organizer and participant of many international Tesla Symposia.

Dr. James F. Corum has completing his book on ELF (Extra Low Frequency). He is the respected Board Member of the Society and a professor of West Virginia University.

The Tesla Journal – number 6 & 7, Double Issue (1989-1990) is an International Review of the Sciences and the Humanities – with very interesting articles about Nikola Tesla and related science. The official Journal of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. was enthusiastically accepted by the membership. Nikola Kosanovic was the editor of the Journal.

Dr. George Jerenic, a senior scientist in Microwave systems of Raytheon Research has successfully exhibited Tesla and his role in this area at the last two Microwave Symposia of the IEEE Microwave Society (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers). We have recruited quite a few Society members as a result and Tesla is a permanent fixture in the history of this area of electroscience, thanks to Dr. Jerinic who is a Board member of our Society.

The Society had planned to establish a chair in the Tesla’s name at the University of Pittsburg, at the State University of Buffalo & New York University.

The Society planned to put a Tesla bust in the Smithsonian Institution Washington DC – Department of Electricity, where the Edison bust has dominated over Tesla’s inventions.

Professor Aleksandar Marincic, accompanied by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, visited Smithsonian Institution in 1991. To make preparation for Tesla exhibition in Smithsonian. The tragic Balkan war prevented Tesla exhibit in Smithsonian. Prof. Marincic protested to the Administration of Smithsonian for the poor presentation of Nikola Tesla at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. As a result of this intervention and action of other members of Tesla Memorial Society Smithsonian Institution later presented Tesla’s achievement much better.

Our Society had a plan to place a bust of Tesla in the Rotunda of the Capital Building in Washington D.C. where many famous Americans have a bust or statue.

The Society had also planned to place a bust in the Rathouse Building in Munich, Germany were the Tesla International Unit was proclaimed by International Electro-technical Commission.

On July 10, 1990 Tesla Memorial Society celebrated 134th anniversary of the Birth of Nikola Tesla. Dr. Ljubo Vujovic organized the "Visit to Long Island Tesla Tower", where Tesla built a laboratory and transmission Tower as the first broadcasting system in the world 1901 – 1905. From that celebration a petition was signed by several ambassadors and several American Congressmen to establish the Tesla Museum at the previous Tesla Laboratory site in Shorham, Long Island. The celebration continued in American Congress, where 10 congressmen and one senator held speeches in Tesla’s honor. This honor never happened before to any other American scientist. Many American Governors proclaimed July 10, Tesla’s birthday as an official Day in their States called "Nikola Tesla Day".

"The Tesla Collection"

The Tesla Project, in association with the Tesla Memorial Society is proud to announce the publication of "Tesla Collection". The Collection, is a complete Full Text 1887-1920 English Language Tesla Bibliography, is now being offered. "Tesla Collection" is a 23 volume set. For the first time hard-to-find newspaper and magazine articles from both the popular and technical press – much of it over 100 years old and gathered from more than 150 English language publications – will be readily available to interested readers. Many of those articles are written by Nikola Tesla himself, or by other about Nikola Tesla.

When Tesla was alive he collected newspaper clippings from American Press and these clippings are now located in the Museum Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. They have not been classified or published.

It took us five years researching through many libraries, historical institutions, microfilms, old newspaper and magazine articles, in order to collect them in this unique twenty-tree volume set. The "Tesla Collection" will make your research, education and understanding on the work of Nikola Tesla much easier.

NIKOLA TESLA COMMEMORATIVE CEREMONY ON January 10, l943 over New York Radio – Mayor Fiorello Laguardia of New York delivered a eulogy to Tesla.

A commemoration after Nikola Tesla’s death was broadcast on New York Radio, on January 10, 1943. Famed Yugoslav violinist Zlatko Balokovic and the Slovenian choir "Slovan" performed at the commemorative ceremony. Laguardia’s eulogy to Tesla is now available on CD disk. Members of Tesla Memorial Society of New York: Ing. Djura Grubisic, Dr. Ljubo Vujovic and Professor Milica Novkovic found the CD in a New York Library, after so many years of research.



Press Conference at the United Nations

On August 28, 1997 a Press Conference was held at the United Nations in New York, about Nikola Tesla’s contributions to the exploration of the cosmos. The Conference was organized by the Tesla Memorial Society and the Yugoslav Mission to the United Nations in New York City.

The occasion for the Press Conference was an epoch making event:

On July 4, 1997 the NASA Explorer-Robot "Sojourner" landed on Mars and became the first radio-guided vehicle to roam the surface of the Red Planet.

Remotely controlled exploration of cosmos began 100 years ago when Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, demonstrated the invention of the robot in New York City, Madison Square Garden 1898.

Alexei Leonov – Russian Cosmonaut, The First Man to Walk In Space is an Tesla Award recipient from "Tesla Worldwide gathering" 1996. Alexei Leonov performed the first space walk on March 18, 1965, over the Russian spaceship "Vostok".

The sister organization of Tesla Memorial Society is called "Tesla Worldwide Gathering" awarded the great Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, with its award. Tesla Worldwide Gathering was founded by Misa Novakovic, our board member and journalist of the Radio-Belgrade, with many years of successful activities promoting Tesla’s achievements around the world. Engineer Moma Simic from Radio Belgrade, had played an active role in the activities of Tesla Worldwide Gathering.

In his Acceptance Letter Aleksei Leonov wrote:

"Every device which is moving today on Earth, in the depth of the seas, on the surface of the sea, in the air, and the cosmos, need for its function, electrical machines invented by Nikola Tesla".

Aleksei Leonov became the Secretary for Russia of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

Margaret Cheney’s International Tesla Award

In October 1996, Margaret Cheney, the biographer of Nikola Tesla, (Tesla, Man Out of Time) was honored by the Fifth International Tesla Conference in Belgrade, with the International Tesla Award. Dr Ljubo Vujovic, read Margaret Cheney’s acceptance letter at the Fifth Tesla International Conference in Belgrade.

In December 1997, The International Conference on Global Warming, in Kyoto, Japan took place. Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, in the name of the Tesla Society, presented the Conference with Nikola Tesla ideas how to reduce emissions of industrial waste gases, using natural resources. The International Conference in Kyoto responded with a letter of gratitude.

On July 10, 2001 the Nikola Tesla commemorative plaque was unveiled at the Hotel New Yorker, in Manhattan. The plaque was made by the Yugoslav-American bicentennial committee in 1977. For political reasons the plaque could not be placed at the Hotel New Yorker, at that time. Dr. Ljubo Vujovic was supported by the Serbian Orthodox Church, and many other organizations and individuals in placing the plaque at the Hotel New Yorker after 24 years of waiting to be placed.

The beautiful Commemorative Plague Ceremony was held in the presence of the representatives of Columbia University, IEEE, diplomatic corps and ambassadors of Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Serbian Radio from New York, broadcasted this event to Europe. Many Serbian organizations and individuals attended the ceremony. Serbian Orthodox priests blessed the commemorative plaque in a emotional ceremony.

Marshal Tito from Yugoslavia wished to place the Nikola Tesla commemorative plaque when he visited New York, but it could not be done at that time for political reason. The owner of the Hotel New Yorker was the Unification Church at that time, which objected to placing the plaque at the Hotel New Yorker at that time.

Memorial Services at Michael Pupin's Grave

Tesla Memorial Society of New York organized memorial services for Michael Pupin's on his grave in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York in October 1993.   Serbian Priest Father Sinisa Jocic dispersed native soil brought from Pupin's home in Idvor, Yugoslavia over Pupin's grave and conducted a memorial ceremony.  The Tesla Memorial Society of New York, the Serbian community and  representatives of Columbia University (Professor Chien-Shiung Wu, candidate for Nobel Prize in Physics and Professor Samuel Devons, Chairman of the Physics Department at Pupin Physics Laboratory) came together to celebrate memorial services for Michael I. Pupin. 


On May 21, 2004 a bust of Michael Pupin was placed in the hall of Pupin building at Columbia University New York. The bust was placed with the effort of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Columbia University. The bust is the work of famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic who was a friend of Michael Pupin, professor of Columbia University scientist and inventor, great American and Serbian patriot. Mestrovic gave the bust as a gift to Michael Pupin in the 1930’s. After Pupin’s death in 1935 the bust was placed in the Library of Pupin Hall, Columbia University. Dr. Vujovic visited the Library and inspected the bust: an inscription on the bust read: "To my friend Pupin from Mestrovic" in Serbo-Croatian language. Dr. Vujovic translated the inscription on the bust to the administrator of Pupin Hall, Mrs. Lalla R. Grimes, and explained the importance of the bust, and its famous author Ivan Mestrovic. The arrangements where then made to place the bust in the hallway of the Pupin Physics Laboratory at Columbia.

Pupin Physics Laboratory at Columbia University New York City is the pride of America and Serbia. Twenty-nine Nobel Prize winners come out of Pupin Hall (under one roof). This is a unique event with so many Nobel Prize winners from Pupin Hall. Many scientific discoveries in the last century have come out of Pupin Physics Laboratory.

Ambassador's Statements

Honorable Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro in Washington D.C., Dr. Ivan Vujacic gave the following statement to the press in the embassy of Serbia-Montenegro in Washington D.C. regarding the celebration of the 150 years of Michael Pupin's birth and the unveiling of the Pupin bust at Columbia University on May 21, 2004:

"Today is the occasion that we remember the giant (Michael Pupin) who during his lifetime had numerous scientific achievements and who built the international reputation of Serbia and later Yugoslavia.  He left tremendous impact on many ordinary people.  We are proud that Michael Pupin's name, the great patriot and scientist in forever written in the science of Serbia and America.  Pupin is the steady bridge connecting both countries."

Ceremony for Unveiling the Pupin Bust:

· Introductory Speech by Lalla Grimes - Administrative Coordinator, Physics Department, Columbia University.  Ms. Grimes read the greetings sent by fax from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

· Speech by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic - President Tesla Memorial Society.

· Mary Bakalic recounts her memories of Michael Pupin.

· Speech by Prof. Emeritus Samuel Devons followed by the Pupin bust unveiling by Prof. Devons.

· Showing of the film "From Immigrant to Inventor" about the life and times of Michael I. Pupin.  Author Dr. Ljubo Vujovic and Prof. Aleksandar Marincic.

Present at the unveiling ceremony among other guests:

Roksanda Nincic - First Councilor - Serbia and Montenegro, Mission by the United Nations.

Irena Zubcevic - Minister Plenipotentiary - Croatian Mission to the United Nations.

Zdenka Kardum - Consul General, Republic of Croatia, New York.

Milos Prica - Permanent Representative Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mission by the United Nations.

Prof. David Kraft - Representing New York Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Mischa Schwartz - Representative of the Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers.

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic - General Secretary Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Marko Vujovic - web designer, digital photography - Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

Milan Lucic - Serbian Radio and Television, New York.

Vladimir Bibic - Film producer.


Representatives of Columbia University:


Lalla Grimes - Administrative Coordinator, Physics Department, Columbia University

Professor Samuel Devons, Professor Emeritus (retired) of Physics
Professor Andrew Millis, Professor of Physics
Professor Brian Cole, Professor of Physics
Professor Morgan May, Adjunct Professor of Physics
Professor David Helfand, Professor of Astronomy (Chairman of the Columbia Astronomy Department)
Prof. Radmila Gorup - Columbia University, New York.
Prof. Lila Kalinich - Columbia University
Dr. Eric Gotthelf,  Research Scientist, Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory
         (invited to Belgrade University in late June for a conference)
Ms. Magdalena Djordjeic, graduate student, Columbia Physics Department,
citizen of Serbia and Montenegro
Mr. Marko Djordjevic, graduate student, Columbia Physics Department,
citizen of Serbia and Montenegro
Other Postdoctoral Research Scientists and graduate students and staff
members, Columbia Physics Department


Representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church:

V. Rev. Father Predrag Micic

Father Djokan Majstorovic

Mira Luna - President of St. Sava Cathedral Community Board, Manhattan.

Prof. Zorka Milic

Mary Bakalic - Pupin's nurse

. Marko Djordjevic, graduate student, Columbia Physics Departm
citizen of Serbia and Monten


Dr. Dusan Kalicanin

Dr. Dusan Kosovic

Prof. Nikola Lipovac

Ing. Ratko Picuric

Dr. Marisa Pezzulich

Dr. Milan Rakic

Ksenia Rakic

Dr. Relja Nedeljkovic

Nenad Milinkovic - Electrical Engineer

Slobodan Todorovic - Board Member Tesla Memorial Society


Visit of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts to New York City on June 15 -17, 2005

High ranking delegation of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts visited New York City in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Michael Pupin, a distinguished Serbian-American scientist and inventor and long time professor of Columbia University, previous President of New York Academy of Sciences and member of the Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C.  Michael Pupin was a founder of Astronautical Department of the National Academy of Sciences, which is a precursor of today's NASA.

The high ranking Serbian Academy of Sciences officers that visited Columbia University:

1. Academician Nikola Hajdin, President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, a world authority on designing and building bridges.  He is a university professor, writer and educator.  His solution for the design of modern bridges are beautiful, practical and ingenious.  He designed an international bridge by the city of Novi Sad over the Danube River.  Now in construction - an international bridge in Poland.

2. Academician Professor Aleksander Marincic - professor of telecommunication in Belgrade University, previous director of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade and a writer, educator and organizer of many international symposiums on Nikola Tesla and Michael Pupin.

3. Martin Selak - Chicago Businessman, engineer and inventor.  The founder of the Society of Inventors in Serbia and Montenegro.  Mr. Selak is an organizer of the Serbian Academy of Sciences visit to the United States.

During the visit in New York City, the delegation of Serbian Academy of Sciences visited Columbia University, New York Academy of Sciences and had a meeting with representatives of the IEEE, regarding the reestablishment of the "Nikola Tesla Award" (Serbian part of the Award).  The Nikola Tesla Award, is being given yearly since 1976 by the IEEE.  This is an international award given to prominent scientists and inventors around the world.



John Wagner - Placing Nikola Tesla Busts at various major Universities in the USA

John Wagner, school teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan, mobilized his third grade classes to raise thousands of dollars in funds to create commemorative bronze busts of Tesla to be placed at major American Universities.  Many busts are already placed at many Universities.

Mr. Wagner initiated the letter writing campaign to restore Nikola Tesla to his rightful place in historical records.

John Wagner is selling Tesla T-shirts to product some funds to buy Tesla bronze busts to be placed at major American Universities.  The Tesla Memorial Society of New York is grateful to Mr. Wagner for his campaign to keep Tesla's name and memory alive.

Please contact Mr. Wagner if you wish to buy Tesla T-shirts, by doing so you will help in the purchasing of Tesla bronze busts which will be placed at major American Universities.

Please contact:

John W. Wagner
3890 Tubbs Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103-9437
< http://www.concentric.net/~jwwagner


The International Press Academy (IPA) awarded the prestigious Nikola Tesla Award on February 22, 2004 in Los Angeles, California to the famous Academy Award winning Director James Cameron (producer of the films Titanic and Terminator).  Sponsored by the International Press Academy, Satellite Awards was founded by ex-Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes) member, Mirjana van Blaircom.

James Cameron received the International Press Academy's Tesla Award in Recognition of Visionary Achievements in the World of Digital Technology and Sound.

The Nikola Tesla Award was given in recognition to the famous scientist, inventor, engineering, futurist, and citizen of the world - Nikola Tesla, whose discoveries changed our civilization.

Tesla Memorial Society of New York is grateful to Mirjana van Blaircom for establishing the International Press Academy Nikola Tesla Award. 

       We are grateful to Mr. Ranko Grujic, businessman from California, for his and his company "King Milos" financial support to the Tesla Award.  "King Milos" natural mineral water is being sold for 200 years.



Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Tesla Forum from Australia proposed to the United Nations a proclamation of the "Nikola Tesla Day" on July 10, which is Tesla’s Birthday. The letter from the General Secretary of the United Nations explained that the delegation which is a member of the United Nations should present the proposal to the General Assembly for voting.

On July 10, 2005, "Global Energy Independence Day" on Tesla’s birthday was proclaimed by the Board of Supervisors in Los Angeles, California with the effort of our Board Member Dr. Edson Andre Johnson. Mr. Johnson is an enthusiastic Tesla promoter. Los Angeles "Daily News", a large news paper in Los Angeles, California, published an interesting article about Dr. Johnson with an interview with Dr. Ljubo Vujovic who said about Mr. Johson:

"Like all people who deal with Tesla, we recognize that Tesla hasn’t been recognized enough. We are all like brothers, all fighting for his legacy. Day and night all over the world, we are battling to preserve his glory".

On January 23, 2006 a commemoration for Nikola Tesla was held in Saborna Church in Belgrade. This was the first commemoration for Nikola Tesla by the Serbian Orthodox Church since 1943, which was held in the presence of the government of Serbia and many other dignitaries.

Tesla Memorial Society of New York, is grateful to Bishop of Australia and New Zealand, Irinej Dobrijevic, our Vice President, for his effort that the commemoration took place. He presented the documents to the St. Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, (documents supplied by Tesla Memorial Society of New York), that the Tesla cremation was not Tesla wish, but the decision of Tesla’s nephew Sava Kosanovic. Cremation is not permitted by the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Tesla commemoration in the Saborna Church in Belgrade, January 23, 2006, was a historic event. The representatives of the Serbian government were present, the Serbian Academy of Sciences, University of Belgrade, Members of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, were also present.

Commemorative Banquet for the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Nikola Tesla in Parma, Ohio, USA on June 4th, 2006

Requiem Service for Nikola Tesla in St. Sava Cathedral

Building of the "Nikola Tesla Serbian-American Center" in the city of Parma, Ohio

Tesla's concept of wireless transmission of electrical energy is still alive

"Tesla's Power Plant" at the site of Cleveland, Ohio is proposed by Donald Lesiak

Participants of the commemorative banquet are grateful to American President Bush for sending a letter congratulating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla. "America is proud of Nikola Tesla" said President Bush.

The banquet was organized by Pavle Cosic, president of the Tesla Society of Ohio. Main speakers were Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, and Donald Lesiak.

Lesiak believes firmly that the transmission of electrical energy without wires for long distances and industrial quantities is quite possible, like Nikola Tesla proposed.  This belief is shared with Dr. James Corum, Distinguished Professor of West Virginia University and Board Member of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.  In today's energy crisis, this concept of wireless transmission of electrical energy is very important. 

Dr. Lesiak wrote: "The transmission of wireless electricity through the air and ground is possible.  Tesla lit up 200 electric bulbs at the distance of 25 miles in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1899.  This wirelessly transmitted electricity could be used to power electric automobiles and other electrical vehicles without gasoline engines and gas tanks.  This could be done by installing an antenna and power receiver in the vehicles."


June 4, 2006, Donald Lesiak, P.E. CMfgE, CGFM, Former Consulting Aerospace Engineer at RCA on Apollo Descent Engine Control Assembly for Landing on the Moon proposed "Tesla power plant" to be located in Cleveland, Ohio, as a way of transmitting electrical energy without wires. The idea of transmission of electrical energy without wires was born in Shorham, Long Island, where Nikola Tesla build the famous Tesla Tower.

Members of the Tesla Memorial Society continue their activities as they have been for the last 30 years to give scientific, literary and artistic contributions to the Tesla legacy.

Prof. Jasmina Vujic, chairman of the Nuclear Department at Berkeley California, has played a major role in the activities of the Tesla Memorial Society. She has organized several Tesla courses at the University in California and was main speaker in the celebration of 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla birth in Australia. She was also key note speaker in many other places in America. She is the Vice President of the Tesla Memorial Society.

Her speech: "Visionary ideas of Nikola Tesla" at University of Nis, Serbia, Symposium

And lectures: "Tesla’s legacy and young generation"

July 2006 in the City of Sidney, Australia, lecture, "Tribute to a genius" and

"The electrifying legacy of Nikola Tesla"

July 2006, in the City of Perth, Australia lecture: Nikola Tesla the man who electrified the world.


Petar Stojanovic, founder of the Tesla Society of Switzerland, and Board member of the Tesla Society of New York, and editor of the important website www.teslasociety.ch has dominated the world scene with the beautiful website information about Tesla and Mileva Maric, wife of Albert Einstein. Mr. Stojanovic with the help of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York succeeded to locate the grave of Mileva Maric in Zurich cemetery in Switzerland. A commemoration for Mileva Maric was held in a Zurich cemetery in an impressive ceremony.

Dr. Mihajlo Rundo, Secretary for Germany of the Tesla Society has played a significant role in the activities of Tesla Memorial Society in Germany. Dr. Rundo translated into Serbian the eulogy for Nikola Tesla which was read by New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, on January 10, 1943 and broadcasted over New York radio after Tesla death. Dr. Rundo popularized Tesla achievements in his Tesla lectures in Germany. Dr. Rundo is an outstanding physician, humanitarian and an expert on Balkan history.

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, is the President of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York for the past 20 years. He coordinates activities of Tesla Societies in America and Europe. The Tesla Memorial Society is the oldest and most active Tesla society in America today. As a result of the work of Tesla Society members like Dr. Vujovic, Nikola Tesla’s name is now more recognized in America. Dr. Vujovic has dedicated many years of his life to Tesla research and promotion.

M. Sc. E.E. Borjana Stojic - founded the Sixth International Symposium of Nikola Tesla  Website in cooperation with the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.  This website was instrumental in promoting and informing people about the Sixth International Symposium of Nikola Tesla.  Her website is excellent, well designed and very informative.  The Website contributed to the success of the sixth International Symposium of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, October 18-20, 2006.  Miss Stojic deserved to be credited for her excellent and important work.


Ljiljana Kojic Bogdanovic, author of the dance film

"Tesla and Katharine"



"A Tesla Evening" at Goethe-Institute Washington, D.C.

· "Tesla and Katharine" Dance Film

· Eulogy to Tesla made by New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, January 10, 1943.

"A Tesla Evening" was held in Goethe-Institute Washington, D.C. on May 14, 2005.  The evening was organized by the Orfelin Circle, an organization devoted to Tesla's work and the promotion of art and culture.  Mr. Branimir Bajic, founder of Orfelin Circle was present at the event.

Among many prominent guests attending the evening was Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro Hon. Ivan Vujacic and his wife, Mrs. Jelica Vujacic.  Also present, Mr. Nebojsa Cagorovic, Minister-Councilor of the the Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro.

The introduction of the evening was conducted by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President, Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

Following the introduction by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic was the showing of the dance film "Tesla and Katharine".  Starring Konstantin Kostyukov, famous ballet dancer, with the International Ballet Company Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.  Director and producer of this beautiful piece of art is Ljiljana Kojic-Bogdanovich.  Choreographer Krunoslav Simic and Music by Piotr Tchaikovsky.


This is a ballet story about the private life of Nikola Tesla, one of the most significant scientists and inventors at the turn of the 19th century.  The story is based on Tesla's correspondence with Katharine Johnson, the wife of Tesla's friend, Robert Underwood Johnson, an American poet, writer and editor of "Century Magazine", a prestigious publication at that time.

The performance of ballet master Konstantin Kostyukov, with the International Ballet Company Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro was excellent, depicting the romantic love and emotions of Tesla and Katharine. 

On that beautiful evening, newly released audio materials broadcasted on New York Radio after Nikola Tesla's death was played to the audience.  The Eulogy to Tesla delivered by the New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, and Tesla's favorite song "Tamo daleko" performed by violin genius Zlatko Balokovic was received with emotions by the audience.

The audio material with the voice of New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and violin by Zlatko Balokovic was found by the Tesla Memorial Society of New York after many years of searching.  Ing. Djuro Grubisic, Dr. Ljubo Vujovic and Prof. Milica Novkovic found the audio recordings in the Archives of New York City.


Ranko Grujic, Board Member of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, is an enthusiastic Tesla promoter. As the president of Angel Company he contributed significantly to the California Tesla Award.

Slobodan Todorovic, board member. He has contributed significantly to the activities of the Tesla Society.

Milan Lucic, journalist, writer, founder of Serbian Radio and TV of New York, and board member of our society, has promoted Tesla legacy with continuous Tesla broadcasting on Serbian Radio programming. Milan Lucic has many books and articles.

"Minority rights in Vojvodina",

"Local Radio diffusion- European Experience".

"The Media impact on Society"


Miloje Popovic, journalist, writer, our Board Member, wrote an inspiring poem about Nikola Tesla. His poem is now on our website together with the poem of the famous Serbian poet Desanka Maksimovic, who rote the most beautiful poem about Nikola Tesla. Her poem was translated into English from Serbian by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic Prof. Nikola Kosanovic and Donja Simansky .





Twenty First Century Books from Colorado carry most of the books of the Members of Tesla Memorial Society.

Post Office Box 2001

Breckenridge, CO 80424-2001


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Marincic

Nikola Tesla Colorad Springs Notes, 1899-1900 chief editor and commentator of this unique book.

Optoelectronics – book for science & fiber optic physics.

Nikola Tesla the Genius Who Lit the World, co-author of the documentary film.

Life of Nikola Tesla, a new book publish 2006

Wireless energy transmission, publish in IEEE publication 1982

History of wireless, chapter in the book of John Wiley, published in U.S.A.

Tesla Contribution to development of Radio, article published in U.S.A.


Leland I. Anderson

Nikola Tesla on His work with Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony and Transmission of Power.

Nikola Tesla: Lecture before the New York Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Nikola Tesla Bibliography (Leland I. Andreson & John T. Ratzlaff).

Nikola Tesla"s Residences, Laboratories, and Offices.

Nikola Tesla: Guided Weapons & Computer Technology.

Tesla Present series – with commentary by Leland I. Anderson.

Priority in the Invention of Radio.

Ball Lighting & Tesla’s Electric Fireballs, ect.

James F. and Kenneth L. Corum

Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils

Tesla Coils – An RF Power Processing Tutorial for Engineering.

Ball lightning published in the Journal of the USSR Academy of Science.

Slow waves helical resonator – Tesla coil

Scientific paper: Nicola Tesla and the planetary Radio signals

Dr. Jeams F. Corum and Kenneth Corum registered Radio signals from Jupiter using Tesla instruments.

Nikola Tesla and Columbia University a study of relation of Nikola Tesla with Columbia University.

Mark Seifer,

Nikola Tesla - The Man Who Harnessed Niagara Falls.

Wizard – The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla.

"The Wardenclyffe Dream: Tesla’s plan for wireless worldwide distribution.

Margaret Cheney

Tesla Man Out Of Time.

Tesla Master of Lighting (Margaret Cheney & Robert Uth – book and documentary film).




Dr. Ljubo Vujovic

Nikola Tesla – Genius Who Lit The World – documentary done with Prof. Dr. Marincic and Museum Nikola Tesla – Belgrade.

From Immigrant to Inventor – Michael Pupin remembered – documentary film about Michael Pupin and Columbia University New York. The film was done after the Pupin’s book "From Immigrant to Inventor" which received Pulitzer Prize 1924.

Serbia, its history, art and culture, a documentary film in cooperation with Donja Simansky.

Channel America Television Network with 20 million viewers in the USA Broadcasted the Film "Nikola Tesla The Genious Who Lit the World" on Saturday , May 20, 1992. This film was broadcasted over 20 times on various American Television network. The film was also shown on TV in Poland, Yugoslavia, Japan and South East Asia.

Kingdom of Montenegro – documentary film.

Tribute To Nikola Tesla, Volume 1 - book

Tribute To Nikola Tesla, Volume 2 - book

Tribute To Nikola Tesla, Volume 3 - book

Tribute To Nikola Tesla, Volume 4 - book

Carol Dommermuth-Costa

Nikola Tesla – A spark of Genius

Vlado Gonjic

Nikola Tesla and Montenegro

Karen Klami

Play "Nikola"











In this year 2006, there were many world wide celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Tesla’s birth in the United States. Canada, Serbia, Croatia, Australia, Switzerland with many conferences, symposiums

artistic performances, festivities, publications of books, newspaper articles, media reporting, and others.

The American President George W. Bush greeted the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla:

"I am supporting the anniversary of the Nikola Tesla’s birth and would like you to know that America is proud of the prodigal inventor Nikola Tesla. His work will inspire today’s generation of scientists and inventors around the world".

Members of the Tesla Memorial Society participated in many events of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla.

Proposition to declare Nikola Tesla's Birthday on July 10 - A Day Of Science Around The World

For many years now, we have been promoting Nikola Tesla Day (July 10), as a day of science, progress and peace among all nations and religious of the world. This initiative was started in 2002, together with our brother Tesla organization from Australia, Tesla Forum. We would like that Tesla's birthday on July 10 be proclaimed "Nikola Tesla Day of Science" around the world. We collected many documents, you can see them on our website - www.teslasociety.com. It is necessary that one government, accredited by the UN, send an official proposal to the United Nations for voting by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The previous Secretary General, Kofi Annan, instructed that this procedure be followed for the approval of "Nikola Tesla Day of Science" by the United Nations. We received great encouragement for these actions because recently Nelson Mandala had his birthday, the 18th of July, proclaimed a "Day of Peace". Mandala's "Day of Peace" Proclamation was conducted with the same procedure that Kofi Annan suggested in his letter to the Tesla Memorial Society of New York regarding "Nikola Tesla Day of Science".



Germany: Karlsruhe, July 28 – October 9, 2005 – Tesla Exposition:

Spain – Madrid, January 26, - April 20, 2006 – Tesla Exposition: "Rotating Magnetic Field".

Rotherdam – Holland, May 4, - June 6, 2006, "Tesla Exposition"

Hungary – Ludwig Museum, Budapest – Jun 21 – August 27, 2006, Tesla Exposition "Rotating Magnetic Field"

Paris – France, September 20 – October 15 – Tesla exposition.


Paris, Sept 15, 2006 : Tesla exposition at UNESCO

Three very important Tesla events took place in this year:

Naming of the Belgrade International Airport to "Nikola Tesla Airport"

Opening of Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan, Lika, Croatia, and renovating Tesla’s birth house and his father’s Serbian Orthodox Church, were his father served as a priest, the Park was renovated, and the whole area around Tesla’s house was made so beautiful.

Nikola Tesla Monument was unveiled at Niagara Falls, Canadian side on July 9, 2006 in a impressive celebration and speeches of the representative of Canadian government, Serbian Government, Niagara Falls Parks Commission, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church "St. George" from Niagara Falls who were initiator of the project, representatives of Serbian Academy of Sciences, Belgrade University, Tesla Memorial Society of New York, Tesla Society from Ohio, representatives of the Serbian Consulate in Ontario, Canada. Belgrade television, which broadcast the ceremony live from Niagara Falls to Belgrade. The Serbian Community from Niagara Falls and Serbian Choir of "St. George Church". Many Serbian flags on the ceremony testified to the spirit and pride of Serbian people who contributed to the event. It was an impressive event.

The sculptor of the beautiful monument is the ingenious artist from Hamilton, Ontario, Les Drysdale. The beauty of the monument was supplemented by Canadian Niagara Falls, which is the most beautiful place in the world.

The sculptor Les Drysdale, wrote a letter to Tesla Memorial Society of New York, explaining his feelings and intention about creating Tesla monument: "My greatest Challenge was not just to create of portrait of Tesla that had the physical likeness of the man but to create something that also said something about his life, his relationship with Niagara, how he thought, his amazing accomplishments and give the sculpture something of the poetic elegance and theatricality that permeated everything he put his mind to……….He is pausing and in the process of creation, giving insite as to how his amazing mind worked, as most of his inventions were developed from start to precise completion in his head…………Here my intention is to show the "Mystery that is his mind" developing an abstract idea from the theoretical to the concrete".

All of these continued actions and efforts on the part of Tesla Memorial Society Members for the Tesla legacy over the past 30 years are truly a tribute to the members of the oldest and most respected Tesla Organization in North America.

The Tribute to:

Prof. Nikola Kosanovic, founder of Tesla Memorial Society

Prof. Aleksandar Marincic, President of Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

Prof. James Corum, American scientist, writer, educator.

Leland I. Anderson, writer, publicist, educator, the expert of the Nikola Tesla work.

Margaret Cheney with her famous book: "Tesla Man Out of Time".

Mark Seifer, writer, publicist, expert on hand writing with his book "Wizard – The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla".

Les Drysdale, sculptor, of beautiful Tesla Monument on Niagara Falls, Canada.

Marko Vujovic, web designer, of the Tesla Memorial Society, working tirelessly for many years on the website.

Jasmina Vujic, has played the major role in the activities of the Tesla Memorial Society.

"Jupin"- Yugoslav Organization of Inventors and Scientists in Belgrade is a devoted organization promoting science, peace and Tesla work. President of " Jupin" is Dr. Ljubinko Ilic, University Professor. His contribution of promoting Tesla work and for the celebration of the 150 the anniversary of Tesla’s birth is enormous.

On September 15, 2006 a Croatian delegation of Inventors and Scientist in Rijeka, Croatia, visited Belgrade, on the invitation of "Jupin". By mutual agreement with "Jupin", it was decided that the proposal for "Nikola Tesla Day, July 10" through United Nations be jointly sponsored by Serbia and Croatia.

Dr. Dushan Kosovic, known psychiatrist in New York, writer and member of many scientific Academies, Board Member of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, was instrumental in activities of the Society.


Martin Selak, engineer and inventor, Chicago businessman, Board Member of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, is the founder and financier of many important scientific and humanitarian Project in Serbia and United States. He is the founder and financier of the "Tesla – Pupin Center for Advanced Studies", in Vojvodina close to Belgrade.

Tesla Pupin Center –

Promotes higher education

Through exchange in Serbia

Offering United State and European

Universities Educational Opportunities

Tesla Memorial Society of New York, is grateful to Mr. Martin Selak and Selak Foundation for this great and inspiring projects he undertook, for the benefit of science and progress.


I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. James Corum for help to prepare this paper and for the continuous assistance on the Internet website.



Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President

Tesla Memorial Society of New York