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Tesla-related places to visit in New York City

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan, New York City where Tesla funeral took place on January 12,1943.

The following are places in New York City that are Tesla-related:

  1. (Photo)  Hotel New Yorker & Tesla commemorative plaque is located at 8th Avenue and 34th Street, Manhattan.  Tesla lived there for the last 10 years of his life, from 1933 - January 7, 1943, when he died.  The Tesla commemorative plaque placed there on July 10th, 2001 honored Nikola Tesla's residence in the Hotel.  The plaque is on the 34th Street side of the Hotel.

  2. (Photo The Nikola Tesla Corner is located at the corner of West 40th Street and 6th avenue, Manhattan.

  3. (Photo)  Radio Wave Building located at 49 West 27th Street (between Broadway and Sixth Avenue), Lower Manhattan. It was the former Gerlach Hotel, where Tesla lived before the end of the century and experimented with Radio Waves, in 1896.  He is the father of radio.  A Tesla commemorative plaque was placed on the building, in 1977, to honor Tesla's work with radio waves.

  4. (Photo)  The Statue of Liberty, in New York Harbor, with The American Museum of Immigration located inside the Statue of Liberty.  Nikola Tesla was honor with the display of his photograph at the Museum of Immigration, alongside other famous immigrants such as Albert Einstein, eminent physicist, David Sarnoff, radio and television pioneer, Berry Fitzgerald, award winning actor, Igor Stravinsky, famous composer, George Papanicolau, father of cancer saving Pap-smear, Enrico Caruso, world renowned singer and other important people.  The Statue of Liberty was not present in New York harbor when Tesla arrived in New York.  The statue was erected two years later in 1886.

  5. Liberty Science Museum in New Jersey (across the Hudson by the Holland Tunnel exit), has a Tesla Coil in action public performance every hour, on the hour.

  6. Map of Shoreham, Long Island - where Nikola Tesla built the broadcasting system in the world.

Here is a text by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic about Nikola Tesla related places in New York City.