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proposed to United Nations International "Nikola Tesla Day"

Nikola Tesla at age 38

Above: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) at the age of 38.

Tesla Forum
Above: Tesla Forum Website (teslaforum.com)

Proposal to the United Nations (UN) by Tesla Forum was submitted on November 2005

The following below can be found at teslaforum.com :

November 2005
International Tesla Day


Tesla Forum presented a proposal to Hon Kofi Annan, Secretary General of United Nations, to establish the International

Nikola Tesla Day on 10 July, Tesla’s birthday. “Nikola Tesla Day" will signify a day of science, progress and brotherhood among all nations and religions.

     [Proposal to United  Nations]

Tesla Forum is grateful for fantastic support received from numerous organizations and individuals including:

International Support 

     Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. [More]

     Montenegrian Academy of Science and Arts. [More]

     Serbian Ministry of Science and Environment. [More]

     Office for Foreign Affairs Montenegro. [More] 

     US Consul General in Perth Mrs Robin McClellan. [More]


Australian Support 

     Prime Minister of Australia. [More]

     Premier of Western Australia. [More]

     University of Western Australia. [More]

     Curtin University. [More] 

     Murdoch University. [More]

     Western Power. [More]

     Scitech. [More]

     Engineers Australia WA Division. [More]