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Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Tesla Forum from Western Australia request support for "Nikola Tesla Day of Science" from Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro

Above: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

The following is a letter sent to Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro UN Ambassadors regarding to "Nikola Tesla Day of Science":

SUBJECT:   Nikola Tesla Day, July 10, Day of Science in the World.

Dear Ambassador,

The Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Tesla Forum from Western Australia request support from the Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin governments to submit a joint proposal to the United Nations for voting on “Nikola Tesla’s Day of Science”.

The Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Tesla Forum from Australia wrote to the previous General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, on 14 March, 2002, regarding “Nikola Tesla’s Day of Science”.  In his reply letter, Secretary Kofi Annan advised us how to proceed with the idea of “Nikola Tesla’s Day of Science”.

The proposal to the General Assembly for voting on the idea of “Nikola Tesla’s Day of Science” should be made by a country which is a member of UN.  The General Assembly should vote on the proposal for “Nikola Tesla’s Day of Science”.   In 2009, a similar process was done by proclaiming a “Day of Peace”, honoring Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

In 2002, the idea for “Nikola Tesla’s Day of Science” was supported by the Australian Government and many institutions in Australia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Many US Governors proclaimed “Nikola Tesla Day” on July 10, in their states.

Belgrade International Airport is renamed “Nikola Tesla Airport”.  The Croatian Government beautifully renovated “Tesla Memorial Center” in Gospic, Croatia.

Nikola Tesla name was honored with the international unit of magnetic flux density, so important for MRI machine around the world.  This honor of an International Unit was given only to two other Americans:  Joseph Henry (1797-1878) and Enrico Fermi (1901-1954).

Tesla’s alternating current (AC) electricity is today lighting the globe.

Tesla’s induction motor is the main power in industry and household appliances.  Tesla induction motor is proclaimed one of ten greatest discoveries of all the time.

It would be very important for the success for this great project to ask for the support of the Austrian government where Tesla studied at the Polytechnic Institute in Graz and to contact Governments of Czech  Republic and Slovakia where many electronic industries bear Tesla name; and Hungarian government where Tesla discovered  Rotating Magnetic Field in 1882. Eduard Benes, President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, awarded Nikola Tesla the “Order of The White Lion I Class” on October 11, 1936.

Tesla spent almost 60 years in New York City and gave his talent and genius to United States and the world. America should support the proposed United Nation’s “International Nikola Tesla Day of Science”.  

Nikola Tesla is a famous immigrant who made America what it is, as President Obama said:

“The scientific breakthroughs of Albert Einstein, the inventions of Nikola Tesla, the great ventures of Andrew Carnegie’s U.S. Steel and Sergey Brin’s Google, Inc. -– all this was possible because of immigrants.” - President Obama

We are pleased to recognize this great genius and to honor him by proclaiming Tesla’s Birthday, July 10, as the world’s “Day of Science”.

Please visit Tesla Memorial Society of New York website: www.teslasociety.com for more Tesla information.


Helen Delich-Bentley, previous US Congresswomen.
The Port of Baltimore, Maryland is named after Helen Delich-Bentley.
Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President Tesla Memorial Society of New York.
James Corum, PhD, previous Professor of West Virginia University.
Marc Seifer, Tesla Biographer.
Marina Bulatovic, writer, journalist.
Tanja Rudez, writer, journalist.

Respectfully, TESLA FORUM from Western Australia:

Branislav Grbovic, Chairman
Slavica Dimitrijevic, President

Dianne Shipstone, Vice President

Enclosed: Documents from www.teslasociety.com

Kofi Annan
Above: Kofi Atta Annan (born 8 April 1938) is a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1 January 1997 to 31 December 2006. Annan and the United Nations were the co-recipients of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. (Photo and text from Wikipedia.com)

"Nikola Tesla Day" (July 10th), a Day of Science around the world is becoming a reality. In 2002, the Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Tesla Forum from Australia proposed to Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations at that time, the proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day" as a Day of Science.

There is currently an initiative in Serbia and Croatia to propose to the General Assembly of the United Nations the voting for "Nikola Tesla Day" as an international holiday. We hope the United States of America will also support "Nikola Tesla Day". Nikola Tesla spent 60 years of his life in New York City and contributed his genius and work to all nations around the world.

Below: Answer from Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations, to the Tesla Memorial Society of New York regarding the proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day" as an international holiday.

Nikola Tesla's Archive in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

2 September 2003 Some 600 works of the 10th century physician and scientist Ibn Sina and the archives of Nikola Tesla, a pioneer in electrification, are among the 23 documentary collections from 20 countries selected for inscription on the Memory of the World Register of library and archive material. The International Advisory Committee of UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme selected the collections during a meeting in Gdansk (Poland) that ended last Saturday.

Nikola Tesla's Archive in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) constitutes a unique collection of 160,000 pages of patent documentation, scientific correspondence, scientific papers, manuscripts, technical drawings, scientific measuring data, personal documents and legal papers, as well as 1,000 original photographs of Tesla's experiments and inventions, all of which are indispensable to the study of the history of electrification.

A total of 91 properties from 45 countries are inscribed on the Memory of the World Register, which was established in 1997 to preserve and promote documentary heritage of universal value.

Above: Tesla sits below the Tesla Coil in his Colorado Spring Laboratory.  The coil creates millions of volts of electricity with a frequency rate of 100,000 alterations per second.

Above: One of the original Tesla Electric Motors from 1888 which is today the main power of for industry and household appliances.  Tesla's Electric Motor is one of the ten greatest inventions of all times.

Above:  Tesla is the father of high frequency high voltage electricity which is used today in radio and other communication devices.  Here is a photo from Colorado Springs, Colorado (in 1899), illustrating the capacity of the oscillator to create electricity of millions of volts and a frequency of 100,000 alternations per second.

Above: Earth at Night (click to enlarge).
Tesla's Alternating Current is today lighting the globe.  Photo by NASA satellites

"Tesla Unit" is the unit for Magnetic Flux Density, and is a part of the International System of Units.  The "Tesla Unit" is important for the calibration of MRI machines.

Above: The Tesla Roadster, an electric car which runs on a AC induction motor.

This was the final great victory of Tesla/Westinghouse's Polyphase Alternating Current system electricity over Edison's Direct Current (DC)

Above:  George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla.  Seeking to make long distance electric power transmission a reality, they combined their skills, their genius and their belief in a new technology ... alternating current.  Together they started a revolution that electrified the world.  A Perfect Partnership.

Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse built the first major hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls and started the electrification of the world

Niagara Falls Adams Station

Niagara Falls  Adam's Station Power House 1
Above: Interior of Adam's Station (Power House), Niagara Falls Power Plant.

World's Columbian Exposition
 in Chicago 1893 Opening Ceremony

Above: The Tesla/Westinghouse display at Electricity Hall.
Tesla Polyphase Alternating Current Sign on Display, Westinghouse Exhibition.

John Howard

Above: John Winston Howard, AC (born 26 July 1939) was the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, from 11 March 1996 to 3 December 2007. He was the second-longest serving Australian Prime Minister after Sir Robert Menzies. (Photo and text from Wikipedia.com)

Geoff Gallop

Above: Geoffrey Ian Gallop, AC (born 27 September 1951) is an Australian academic and former politician. He was the Premier of Western Australia from 2001 to 2006. He currently resides in Sydney. (Photo and text from Wikipedia.com)

Proposal to the United Nations (UN) by Tesla Forum was submitted on November 2005

Tesla Forum presented a proposal to Hon Kofi Annan, Secretary General of United Nations, to establish the International

Nikola Tesla Day on 10 July, Tesla’s birthday. “Nikola Tesla Day" will signify a day of science, progress and brotherhood among all nations and religions.

Tesla Forum is grateful for fantastic support received from numerous organizations and individuals including:

International Support 

     Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. [More]

     Montenegrian Academy of Science and Arts. [More]

     Serbian Ministry of Science and Environment. [More]

     Office for Foreign Affairs Montenegro. [More] 

     US Consul General in Perth Mrs Robin McClellan. [More]


Australian Support 

     Prime Minister of Australia. [More]

     Premier of Western Australia. [More]

     University of Western Australia. [More]

     Curtin University. [More] 

     Murdoch University. [More]

     Western Power. [More]

     Scitech. [More]

     Engineers Australia WA Division. [More] 

Above: Proclamation for "Nikola Tesla Day" on July 10 signed by the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia.