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The Smithsonian Institution (Museums) in Washington D.C. is the pride of America


Smithsonian Museums are the biggest, most informative and most beautiful museum complex in the world.


Above: Bronze portrait medal of James Smithson, 1817, founder of the Smithsonian Institution



Above: The Original Wright Brother's "Flyer" signifying the earlier periods of aviation history.

Above: Rockets from United State's Space Exploration program, in the background is the Hubble Space Telescope.

Above: Vintage commercial aircraft.

Above: US Fighter Planes.

Above: Apollo Lunar Module.

Above: Space Satellite.



Above: Azurite's rich blue color comes from copper and was discovered in copper mines.


Above: A Native American.

Above: Manuscript page from Iran, probably 1590-1610.

Above: Relief panel depicting ballplayer, Maya peoples, Guatemala A.D. 600 -900.

Above: Ghost Dance dress, Arapaho peoples, central plains states, about 1890.

Above: Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Above: Famous American writer Mark Twain (Nikola Tesla's friend), 1935.

Above: Otto Lilienthal, Aviation pioneer. 

Above: Viking Lander on Mars



Smithsonian Institution - The National Air and Space Museum