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Tesla's Terrestrial Power Plant being built in Australia


Advise a company called Geodynamics in conjuction with the Australian National University have drilled 4KM into the earth to reach heat producing granite rock which can hold temperatures greater than 200 degrees Celsius...Water is being fed down a pipe whilst another return pipe returns to the surface,with the super-pressurised water which is used to turn a turbine to create electricity ! The Location is Cooper Basin at "Innamincka South Australia...They call it a Geothermal power plant........Suggest you check-out "the Fantasic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" on page 271
where Tesla describes an idential system complete with diagram. Information first Appeared in the TV show "Beyond Tomorrow" screened on Wed July 27 2005 on Sydneys Chann 7 the clip showed the drilling site & spoke to the chief engineer....

Go to to www.geodynamics.com.au also www.seven.com.au  and www.hotrock.anu.edu.au  The Geodynamics website have good video clips.
Trusting this will be of interest to your society.

Best Regards Frank King
of Sydney NSW Australia.