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Above: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) at the age of 38.

Above: Earth at Night (click to enlarge). Tesla's Alternating Current is today lighting the globe.  Photo by NASA satellites.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb which was illuminated without wires by an electromagnetic field from the "Tesla Coil".

A Poet's Tribute To Tesla

How is it possible that you the creator of the earthly suns and moonlights...

You, the cousin of the God Perun and the thunderer's prophet Elijah.

You, who spend sleepless nights in glowing light until you equated the ripeness of the Galaxy and the poem about you was written.

How is it possible tht You who took the cosmos fire and shed light on ships in storms, who filled the concert halls with flashes of light and plunged Your hands on the mainstream of ozone have to share the destiny of every human being?

You, who gave us light and made lightning, could You not escape the darkness?

Even You, who drew away the darkness around us had to lie down, in it.

Why didn't we bury You in Polar Ice where the nights are light and bright, where sunshine and moonlight would paint your coffin in Gold, and lightning would dance around You.

Even in death You would shine in glowing light, being with us forever, to witness the dancing light, the birth of the rising sun, and the moon voyage behind the mountains.

Author of the Poem: Desanka Maksimovic - famous Serbian Poet

English Translators: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Donia Simansky, Nicholas Kosanovich

Above: Tesla sits below the Tesla Coil in his Colorado Spring Laboratory.  The coil creates millions of volts of electricity with a frequency rate of 100,000 alterations per second.

Above: One of the original Tesla Electric Motors from 1888 which is today the main power of for industry and household appliances.  Tesla's Electric Motor is one of the ten greatest inventions of all times.

Above:  Tesla is the father of high frequency high voltage electricity which is used today in radio and other communication devices.  Here is a photo from Colorado Springs, Colorado (in 1899), illustrating the capacity of the oscillator to create electricity of millions of volts and a frequency of 100,000 alternations per second.