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Tesla Photographs

Tesla images are placed on Yugoslavian money and stamps, here are a few pictures of his image on money and stamps.  Many electronic and radio industries in Yugoslavia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovakia bear Tesla's name.  Many scientific institutes, schools, societies and streets also bear his name.  The biggest scientific states award in Croatia bears Tesla's name.  There are many Tesla statues and busts in all Blakan countries.  In many Balkan regions Tesla is well known.  Every child who lives in the Balkans knows about Tesla.

Above: S.S. Saturnia, the ship which brought Nikola Tesla from Europe to New York Harbor, 1884.




Above: The first three Niagara Falls, alternating current generators to go online, 1896.

A Selection of Tesla Photographs

  1. Tesla, in Colorado Spring's laboratory (1899), seated in front of the operating transformer.

  2. Tesla in his laboratory, 8th East 40th Street New York City

  3. Tesla in 1895 at age 39; gravure

  4. Tesla picture

  5. Tesla Photograph

  6. Tesla Photo with light Bulb

  7. Photos of Nikola Tesla - 3 photos

  8. Photos of Nikola Tesla - 3 photos

  9. Colorado Springs Laboratory

  10. Colorado Laboratory, Tesla coil in action

  11. Tesla's Theory - The earth could be split open like an apple by applying the principle of mechanical resonance

  12. Tesla Laboratory in New York - 4 photos

  13. Colorado Springs Laboratory - 2 photos

  14. Colorado Springs Laboratory - 3 photos

  15. Tesla Sculpture by the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic at Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Zagreb, Croatia

  16. Tesla experimental station in Colorado Springs, Colorado 1899

  17. Various forms of Tesla neon lights first displayed at the Columbian Exposition, 1893

  18. Tesla instrument to receive radio waves 1896

  19. Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island

  20. Tesla's ashes in a golden sphere

  21. Tesla's instruments in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

  22. Nikola Tesla with Westinghouse Engineers explaining his model of Rotating Magnetic Field

  23. Tesla's Laboratory interior in Long Island

  24. Tesla with King Peter II of Yugoslavia in Hotel New Yorker on July 15, 1942

  25. Tesla on the cover of Time Magazine for his 75th birthday, July 20, 1931.

  26. Nikola Tesla sitting in front of a spiral high-frequency transformer

  27. Discharge of electrical oscillator giving twelve million volts

  28. Tesla holding wireless glass filled phosphor

  29. Mark Twain in Tesla's Laboratory

  30. Interior of Long Island Tesla Laboratory

  31. Tesla coil discharging electricity

  32. Alternating current generator