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The Following are other readings and information about Nikola Tesla.

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General Tesla Memorial Society of New York, as well as the editor of this website (Photo)

Charlotte Muzar and the "Tesla Papers"

Tesla’s “Death Rays” are laser beams

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic with Dr. Hani Shennib MD – cardiac surgeon who performed the first cardiac bypass surgery, with the aid of a robot, in New York Metropolitan area, holding Tesla Poster.  

Tesla images are placed on Yugoslavian money and stamps, here are a few pictures of his image on money and stamps.  Many electronic and radio industries in Yugoslavia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovakia bear Tesla's name.  Many scientific institutes, schools, societies and streets also bear his name.  The biggest scientific states award in Croatia bears Tesla's name.  There are many Tesla statues and busts in all Blakan countries.  In many Balkan regions Tesla is well known.  Every child who lives in the Balkans knows about Tesla.


A Selection of Tesla's Photographs

Page 1 (Tesla Photograph)

Page 2 (Tesla Coil)

Page 3 (Tesla Laboratory in New York)

Page 4 (Colorado Springs Laboratory 2)

Page 5 (Tesla Photographs)

Page 6 (Tesla holding a light bulb, illuminated without wires)

Tesla Photos and Invention Photos

Picture 1 (Tesla Sculpture by the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic at Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Zagreb, Croatia)

Picture 2 (Tesla experimental station in Colorado Springs, Colorado 1899)

Picture 3 (Illustrating various forms of Tesla vacuum-tube lamps)

Picture 4 (Tesla instrument to receive radio waves 1896)

Picture 5 (Tesla in his laboratory in New York, 8th East 40th Street)

Picture 6 (Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island)

Picture 7 (Tesla's ashes in a golden sphere)

Picture 8 (Tesla's instruments in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade )

Picture 9 (Nikola present with Westinghouse Engineers explaining his model of Rotating Magnetic Field)

Picture 10 (Tesla's Laboratory interior in Long Island)