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 Tesla's Achievements are recognized by the History Channel Documentary "Modern Marvels - Mad Electricity" and Tesla Motors

History Channel made a marvelous broadcast about the achievements of Nikola Tesla and his contribution to mankind. Below is the cover of the DVD, which can be purchased by calling the History Channel at 1-888-708-1776.

History Channel: Modern Marvels - Mad Science

Nikola Tesla Featured on Time Magazine on July 20, 1931 for his birthday

Time Magazine Nikola Tesla
Above: On his 75th birthday in 1931, Nikola Tesla's photo appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. On this occasion, Tesla received congratulatory letters from more than 70 pioneers in science and engineering. These letters were mounted and presented to Tesla in the form of a testimonial volume.
Among those who expressed indebtedness and appreciation were Albert Einstein, Robert A. Millikan, Lee De Forest, William H. Bragg, E.N. da C. Andrade, E. V. Appleton, Arthur H. Compton, J. B. Whitehead, B. A. Behrend, Andre Blondel, Count George von Arco, Jonathan Zenneck, L. W. Austin, Addams S. McAllister, and W. F. G. Swann.

The "Tesla" Electrical Car Featured in Fortune Magazine

The "Tesla" electrical car is the prototype of future generations of electrical cars. This car runs solely on electrical batteries without using gasoline. The "Tesla" electric car is the solution for the world energy crisis.

Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine
Above: There is a 1,000 person waiting list to buy the "Tesla" electrical car, among them are famous personalities and movie stars.