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Nikola Tesla is inducted into the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame, North Carolina, in 2007, for his contribution to electrical industry

The Hall of Fame Award Ceremony will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on April 19, 2008 beginning at 6 pm at the Marriott Downtown

Above: Nikola Tesla, with Roger Boskovich's book "Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis", in front of the spiral coil of his high-frequency transformer at East Houston St., New York. The Miracle Man, May 4, 1901.

Hall Of Fame

Above: Hall of Fame Plaque from North Carolina. Nikola Tesla was induced to the International Linemen's Museum and Hall of Fame, in North Carolina, for his contribution to electrical industry.

Linemen's Website
Above:  The Lineman Museum Website (click on image above or text on left to view more).

The following is a letter to Dr. Ljubo Vujovic about the Hall of Fame Award Ceremony in Indianapolis, IN on April 19, 2008:

Thank you so much for making arrangements to be able to attend the Hall of Fame Award Ceremony in Indianapolis, IN on April 19, 2008 beginning at 6 pm at the Marriott Downtown.  As I explained over the phone, the American Public Power Association is hosting the Awards Ceremony and allowing us to present the Hall of Fame Awards to the 2007 inductees or their representatives.  However, they will only us a total of 15 minutes for our entire program so no one will be able to speak except for us to introduce the winners and present their trophy as well as show the short CD that you also received. 

I will place an order for the banquet tickets and have them waiting for you at the front desk at the Marriott Downtown hotel on Saturday, prior to the banquet.  Below is information about the hotel and flights.

Hotel:  Marriott Downtown
            350 W. Maryland Street
            Indianapolis, Indiana
            Phone:  317-822-3500

Airlines:  Delta
              American  US Airways  United

            All of these airlines leave from Kennedy International and fly into Indianapolis, IN.  Some have direct flights depending when you plan to fly in and fly out. 

Banquet:  Attire – Casual to Business Casual
               Hrs.  6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
               Pictures will be taken after the banquet.

Rodeo:  Website:  www.appanet.org
             Go under APPA Announcements (block on right hand side)
             Go under Power Lineworkers Rodeo

This will explain a little more about the Expo and Rodeo. 

I look forward to meeting you in person at the banquet.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Plus, try and send me the correct spellings of those attending the banquet along with their titles.  Thanks.

Mary Jo Gayer
Administrative Assistant
American Safety Utility Corporation
529 Caleb Rd
Shelby, NC  28152
Phone:  704 482-0601
Fax:  704 481-0450
Email:  mjgayer@americansafety.com


Above: Tesla's Alternating Current is lighting the entire globe and providing electricity for industry and progress.

Above: Earth at Night (click to enlarge)
Tesla's Alternating Current is today lighting the globe.


September 17, 2007

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic

Tesla Memorial Society of New York

P. O. Box 863837

Ridgewood, NY  11386

Dear Dr. Vujovic,

It is my pleasure to inform you that “Nikola Tesla” has been selected as one of the 2007 finalist for induction into the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame.  The Board of Directors found the final selection to be very difficult since there were a number of equally qualified individuals whose sacrifices, dedication and contributions made them admirably recognized by the industry.  The Board would like to extend their congratulations to the Tesla Memorial Society of New York as the representative for Nikola Tesla.

The Hall of Fame will pay tribute to the winning linemen and individuals who have contributed to the safety and existence of the electrical industry and to those who continually exceed in the call of duty and exemplify those qualities that establish the true nature of the Brotherhood of Electrical Lineman.  The winners will be honored in the International Lineman’s Museum’s booth at the International Linemen’s Rodeo in Overland Park, Kansas in October by proudly displaying a plaque bearing their names and information along with their photos and personal history of each.  The Board is in the process of finalizing the date and location of the Hall of Fame Awards Recognition Program and Presentations for the 2007 inductees.

As we discussed, the Hall of Fame needs a photo of Nikola Tesla that the museum would like to be used in Hall of Fame promotions.  It is our request that you complete the attached “release form” granting the Museum permission to use the inductee’s photo along with their essay in promotional displays and advertising medias. 

To better explain the International Lineman’s Museum & Hall of Fame, please visit our website, www.linemanmuseum.com.   It will give you the history and a gallery of some of the photos of items on display at the Museum.  I look forward to working with you in the future and will keep you informed of the actual date of the award presentations.  It would be a great honor to have your attendance at this ceremony. 

Kindest Regards,


Mary Jo Gayer, Secretary/Treasurer

International Lineman’s Museum & Hall of Fame


www.linemanmuseum.com * 704-482-0601 * Location:  529 Caleb Rd. Shelby, NC  28152 * Mailing Address:  P O Box 481 Shelby, NC  28151




Tesla Memorial Society of New York

P.O. Box 863837, Ridgewood, New York 11386, USA

Tel/Fax: 718-417-5102

Website: www.teslasociety.com

E-mail: teslasociety@aol.com 

                                                September 18, 2007

To: International Lineman’s Museum & Hall of Fame

Attn: Mary Jo Gayer, Secretary/Treasurer

Tesla Memorial Society of New York  is grateful to the Board of Directors of the International Lineman’s Museum & Hall of Fame for selecting Nikola Tesla as one of the 2007 finalist for induction into the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was the genius who lit the world, whose discoveries in the field of alternating polyphase current electricity advanced the United States and the rest of the world into the modern industrial era. 

Nikola Tesla had 700 patents in the US and Europe. Tesla's discoveries include the Tesla Coil, fluorescent light, wireless transmission of electrical energy, radio, remote control, discovery of cosmic radio waves and use of ionosphere for scientific purposes.

I’m including three photos of Nikola Tesla as you requested and the “release form”. I’m also including DVD “Nikola Tesla Funeral” – Commemorative Ceremony on January 10, 1943 with New York Mayor Fiorelllo Laguardia’s  eulogy to Tesla over New York radio.

Best regards

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General

Tesla Memorial Society of New York



Niagara Falls

Building of Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric Power Plant - Tesla's greatest achievement - the electrification of America had begun

Above: Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Dr. Ljubo Vujovic by photo of "Adam's Plant"

Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse built the first major hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls and started the electrification of the world

Above: A photograph of the building of Niagara Falls.

Above: Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Dr. Ljubo Vujovic by photo of "Adam's Plant"


Tesla Unit


World's Columbian Exposition
 in Chicago 1893

- The great victory of Tesla/Westinghouse's Polyphase alternating current system electricity.

By Dr. Ljubo Vujovic and Marko Vujovic

The World Columbian Exposition was the World's Fair commemorating 400 years since Christopher Columbus set foot in the New World.  Located on Lake Michigan to facilitate access by sea, road and rail.  It was a gathering of ideas, men and technologies from every quarter of the globe, with each country contributing its best of their industrial, cultural, commercial and educational enterprises.  The Renaissance style of the exposition buildings was unsurpassed by its architecture beauty.  The Exposition itself was a work of art.  The Exposition was a brilliant spectacle of science, art and industry.  All the world has its pilgrimage to Columbian Exposition in 1893.  Westinghouse became dedicated to promoting the polyphase alternating current system and felt that his best chance to introduce it to the public at large would be at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  The exposition was the greatest event in America and in the world at that time.  Ever the ingenious promoter Westinghouse outbid Edison for the contract to power the expositions lighting and electrical systems.  Over Two Hundred thousand electric light bulbs were illuminated by Tesla's polyphase alternating current system.  The Westinghouse display was a historic collection of machines, all powered with Tesla/Westinghouse alternating current.  It was a spectacular display of lights and energy, which illuminated the exposition.


Pictures of this great event where taken from the following excellent books:

  • The Book Of The Fair by Howe Bancroft, Volume One

  • The Dream City: A Portfolio of Photographic Views by Prof. Halsey C. Ives


Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893
Celebrating 400 years of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus

Above: Statue of Columbus at the Exhibition.

Above: Administration Building, East Front.

Above: The Great Allis-Corliss Engine

Above: Tesla's Polyphase Alternating Current 500 horse power generator, in Westinghouse Exposition.

Above: Looking East from the Ferris Wheel - the Columbian Exposition,
"The Dream City".

Above: The Heroic Statue of the Republic.

Above: "The Dream City", the Columbian Exposition of 1893.

Above: The Ferris Wheel - the chief wonder of the fair of 1893 was the work of George Washington Gale Ferris, a man born west of Chicago.  The Ferris Wheel was one of the World's Wonders.

Above: The Electricity Building - where Westinghouse's Exposition was located.

Above: The Edison Electric Tower.

Above: The Electricity Building - where Westinghouse's Exposition was located.

Above: Nikola Tesla's personal exhibit at the World Fair in Chicago, 1893.

Above: Nikola Tesla's personal exhibition - Neon Lights.

Above:  A Mammoth Dynamo


World's Columbian Exposition
 in Chicago 1893 Opening Ceremony