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John Wagner - Placing Nikola Tesla Busts at various major Universities in the USA

Next Major University to place a Tesla bust is
Columbia University

John Wagner, school teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan, mobilized his third grade classes to raise thousands of dollars in funds to create commemorative bronze busts of Tesla to be placed at major American Universities.  Many busts are already placed at many Universities.

Mr. Wagner initiated the letter writing campaign to restore Nikola Tesla to his rightful place in historical records.

John Wagner is selling Tesla T-shirts to product some funds to buy Tesla bronze busts to be placed at major American Universities.  The Tesla Memorial Society of New York is grateful to Mr. Wagner for his campaign to keep Tesla's name and memory alive.

Please contact Mr. Wagner if you wish to buy Tesla T-shirts, by doing so you will help in the purchasing of Tesla bronze busts which will be placed at major American Universities.

Please contact:

John W. Wagner
3890 Tubbs Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103-9437
< http://www.concentric.net/~jwwagner


Click here for Nikola Tesla Busts in Major Universities at the following Universities:

1. Harvard (Physics Dept.)

2. Yale (EE Dept.)

3. Princeton (EE Dept.)

4. MIT (EE Dept.)

5. Cal Tech (Physics Dept.)

6. U. Michigan (EE Dept.)

7. U. Wisconsin (Physics Dept.)

8. U. Maryland (Physics Dept.)

9. U. Illinois (EE. Dept.)

10. Purdue U. (EE. Dept.)

11. U. Pennsylvania (Physics Dept.)

12. Georgia Tech (EE Dept.)

13. Cornell U. (Physics Dept.)

14. MIchigan State U. (Physics Dept.)

15. Johns Hopkins U. (Physics Dept.)

16. Penn State U. (Physics Dept.)

17. Duke U. (EE Dept.)

18. Carnegie Mellon U. (EE Robotics Dept.)