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"International Tesla Award" founded in Podgorica, Montenegro on September 20, 2014 under the leadership of Nikola Petrovic - Prince of Montenegro

King of Montenegro, Nikola I Petrovic decorated Nikola Tesla with the Order of Danilo in 1895. The decoration came after the news that Niagara Falls Hydro Electic Power Station was completed in 1895. Newspapers and engineering journals around the world saluted Nikola Tesla for his electrical design of the Niagara Falls Power Station.

King of Montenegro, Nikola I Petrovic, is the great grandfather of the current Prince of Montenegro, Nikola Petrovic.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) - Scientist and Inventor.
The Genius Who Lit the World

Tesla Tower
Above: "Wardenclyffe Tower" by Artist Richard Cerullo.

Prince Nikola
Above: Nikola Petrovic, Prince of Montenegro, initiator of the "Nikola Tesla International Award".

Above: Her Excellency, Sue K. Brown. The Ambassador of the United States to Montenegro delivering awards.

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Press Release Page 2

Above: Opening remarks by Prince Nikola Petrovic of Montenegro established the "Nikola Tesla International Award".

Above: The traditional folk instrument "Gusle". The instrument is always accompanied by singing; musical folklore, specifically epic poetry. More information can be found on wikipedia.com.

Above: Vladimir Jelenkovic, Director, Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

Above: Marko Cvejic, Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade, receiving his award. Prosfessor Cvejic uses optical methods to study the properties of electrical discharges in gases.

Above: Marko Cvejic, Serbia, Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade.

Above: Professor Faouzia Farida Charfi, Tunisia. Professor Farida received the award for her scientific research on the electromagnetic field and for her civic engagement in favour of a better inclusion of women in education and practice of science.

Above: Professor Ante Elez, Croatia, receiving his award for leading the research group for control of motors and electrical rotational machines at the Unversity in Zagreb. He published several articles demonstrating the quality of his work.

Above: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President, Tesla Memorial Society of New York greeting the audience in the name of the Tesla Society of New York.

Above: Her Excellency Madam Sue K. Brown, Ambassador of the United States to Montenegro, who delivered awards to the laureates of the Tesla Price 2014.

Above: Prof. Phillippe Lebrun, France, receiving his award from the American Ambassador for his role in initiating and constructing the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and his contribution to the discovery of a new elementary particle, the "Higgs boson" in 2012. Phillippe Lebrun is a renowned scientist and engineer in the field of modern magnetism, a remarkable heir to the tradition initiated by Nikola Tesla.

Above: Prince Nikola Petrovic of Montenegro gave closing remarks.

Above: Group picture of the participants of the 2014 "Nikola Tesla International Award".

Above (left-to-right): Mr. Petrovic, Professor Ante Elez, Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Professor Marko Cvejic and Jovan Markus, Secretary of Montenegro, Tesla Memorial Society of New York.
Professor Elez, Dr. Vujovic and Professor Cvejic are holding the book "Wardenclyffe - Tesla's Unfulfilled Dream", written by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic.

Above (from left to right holding banner): Sue K. Brown US Ambassador, Prince Nikola of Montengro and Dr. Ljubo Vujovic.

Letter to President Obama by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic delivered through Sue K. Brown, American Ambassador of Montenegro

To: President Obama
From: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President
of Tesla Memorial Society of New York 
Podgorica ,Montenegro 9/21/2014

Dear President Obama,

We are sending to you  the banner commemorating the rescue of 500 American pilots by Serbian people  during WWII.  This banner was carried by surviving American pilots during the parade "Desert Strom" in New York City in 1991.
The Serbian people rescued 500 American pilots 1944. This is the biggest rescue operation in WWII and the expression of love and dedication of Serbian people in Serbia and Montenegro to America.
The banner was presented to her Exellency Sue K. Brown, Ambassador of the United States to Montenegro, who is our friend. (She is going to send you the banner). The presentation of the banner was during the ceremony of the "Nikola Tesla International Award" in Podgorica, Montenegro 9/20/2014.

Her Exellency Miss. Brown American Ambassador was the president of the award ceremony. She delivered the awards to the laureates.  The "Nikola Tesla International Award" was established under the leadership of Prince of Montenegro Nikola Petrovic.
Prince of Montenegro Nikola Petrovic and all of us participating in the Nikola Tesla Award Ceremony send you our best regards.

Sincerely Dr. Ljubo Vujovic,

Presidet of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York,

P.O.Box 863837.

Ridgewood, New York 11386