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  Donald Lesiak, Board Member of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, was selected as a category finalist for the "2008 Best Product Development Executive in USA" for Tesla's concept on Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy

Tesla Memorial Society of New York is proud of the achievements of our Board Member, Donald Lesiak. Donald Lesiak was a former Consulting Aerospace Engineer at RCA on Apollo Descent Engine Control Assembly for Landing on Moon

PARMA, OHIO USA Resident of Polish Descent & Native of Cleveland, Ohio (Slavic Village) is

USA National Award Finalist for the "2008 Best Product Development Executive in USA"

Donald Lesiak

Above: Guest Speaker Donald Lesiak, former Consulting Aerospace Engineer at RCA on Apollo Descent Engine Control Assembly for Landing on Moon, speaking about the importance of Nikola Tesla's inventions for humanity.


Donald Lesiak, President/CEO of International Profit & Growth Engineers, LLC was selected as 1 of 3 of 2647 CATEGORY FINALISTS for the "2008 Best Product Development Executive in USA" listed below per

"The American Business Awards" Press Release

dated Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Title of Article for Award submission included herein was

Put on Internet http://www.stevieawards.com/aba/

Also, Donald Lesiak, National Award Finalist for Stevie Trophy of The American Business Awards appeared on Public Television Station WVIZ/TV-13/25 Cleveland, OHIO USA at 10-11 am, Sunday, May 25, 2008 during the Cleveland City Club Meeting with a U.S. Congressman speaking about our Energy Crisis - After his presentation is an uncensored Audience Q & A and Don questioned the Energy direction Congress is taking and proposed solution herein to solve 

OUR Worldwide Energy Problem.

Cleveland City Club events are televised and broadcast in 26 USA STATES on 100 + Radio Stations and a PodCast of this event is on the

City Club Website: www.cityclub.org

For your information and comment.  Thank you, Donald Lesiak

To: tip-age@ix.netcom.com

Subject: Official Notification from The American Business Awards

Date: May 13, 2008 1:01 PM

Dear Donald,
Congratulations! Because of the high average scores they received during more than
a month of preliminary judging, the following entries have become Finalists in The
2008 American Business Awards:
Nomination: Donald Lesiak
Category: Best Product Development Executive
Status: Finalist
This is a significant achievement for which you are to be applauded.  This means
that independent judges agreed that these entries are worthy of national recognition,
and that you have won at least a Certificate of Finalist Recognition, and possibly
a Stevie Award.  Stevie winners will be determined in the final judging.

We will publicly list all Finalists on our web site on Wednesday afternoon.  Please
do not publicly announce your Finalist achievement to your key local and trade
media until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest.

The names of Stevie winners will be announced at the 2008 awards dinner and presentations
in New York's Marriott Marquis Hotel on Thursday, June 12, and will be closely
guarded until then. We strongly encourage you and your colleagues to attend.

There are several important documents that you should retrieve from our web site

* The form you'll need to purchase tickets to the June 12 Awards gala.  The
gala will benefit the Alliance for Climate Protection:     

(see details on Website Online at: http://www.stevieawards.com/aba/)


Three (3) Finalists in 2008 Best Product Development Executive Category
Donald Lesiak, President/CEO, International Profit & Growth Engineers, LLC,          Parma, OH USA
Glen Tindal, CTO, Intelliden, Inc, Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Raju Pandey, CTO, SynapSense Corporation, Folsom, CA


Prepared by Donald Lesiak, Monday, December 10, 2007 - Published on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 by the Erie Chinese Journal, Twinsburg, Ohio USA, 20,000 circulation in 6 USA States + put on Internet

Donald R. Lesiak is a Professional Engineer, a Certified Manufacturing Engineer – Robotics, and a Certified Government Financial Manager and can be reached in USA at 440-845-4129 or E-Mail: tip-age@ix.netcom.com


Did you ever hear of Nicola Tesla, a Croatian-Serbian immigrant to the USA who first arrived in New York City on June 6, 1884 and went right to work for Thomas Edison.  Keep in mind that Edison was a proponent of direct current (dc) electric power and invented the electric light bulb.  Tesla was a University educated Electrical Engineer who invented the initial brushless alternating current induction motor in 1882 when in Croatia and was awarded a USA patent on it in 1887.  He then constructed the initial brushless alternating current induction motor which he demonstrated to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (now IEEE) in 1888.  In the same year, he developed the principles of his Tesla Coil and began working with George Westinghouse at the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.’s Pittsburg Labs.  Westinghouse listened to his ideas for polyphase systems which would allow transmission of alternating current electricity over large distances but over wires. (today’s electrical grids which are expensive and problematic).  Tesla sold some of these patents to George Westinghouse and in 1893 they designed and built ac-generators for the Chicago World’s Fair and the World saw light for the first time on a gigantic scale using ac-power.  In 1895 they installed ac-generators at Niagara Falls, PA and then extended power lines to Buffalo and now we have ac-electric power worldwide.  It is now proposed that the power lines go “wireless” using some of Tesla USA patents issued in the early 1900s.  Just think of the worldwide possibilities?

     Donald Lesiak of Parma, Ohio USA (a Cleveland suburb) as President/CEO of The International Profit And Growth Engineers, LLC (TIP-AGE) states that our mission as “Productivity Consultants” is to “Make the Sun Stand Still” just like the Polish Astronomer Nicolas Copernicus did about 532 years ago when he discovered that the “Planets Rotate About the Sun, Not the Earth” which was then proven by the invention of the telescope by Italian Astronomer Galileo.  Another concept not talked about much but is also part of our “Mission Statement” is “Mind Over Matter” (quotation author unknown).  Our philosophy is “Profit and Growth by Plan, not by Chance”, “TODAY IS TOMORROW”, and Pleasing Your Boss, the CUSTOMER, YOU”.  I believe that “TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE THE SUN STAND STILL” with “WIRELESS” electric power worldwide at “commercial power levels”.  How about laptop computers without batteries! 

(1) Paragraph removed noted below

     When we assess our current World situation as to where we are now, and NOW define where we want to GO along with HOW we are going to get there gives all of us the capability of helping all of Mankind on Earth, and maybe even the rest of the Universe.  “What’s wrong with the Uncommon, Common Good of the People for a Change Worldwide and then throughout the Universe?”

     It is for these reasons that I now propose the upgrade of the Cleveland Municipal Power Plant and others worldwide by utilizing “TESLA TECHNOLOGY” to enable the transmission of electric power at “commercial power levels” through the air or ground “WITHOUT WIRES” like Tesla did in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA from 1899 to 1900.  With 107 years of technology advancement since then, I believe “We have a sporting chance”.  This is what then USA NASA Rocket Engineer Dr. Werner Von Braun said to then President John F. Kennedy when he asked Dr. Von Braun about the “Probability of Man going to the Moon and returning safely” and it was accomplished in July 1969.

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     It is with this kind of vision that I propose that the City of Cleveland’s Municipal Electric Power Plant and others around the world be upgraded to a “Tesla Power Plant” and when we begin transmitting electric power through the air or ground at “commercial power levels”, we will then be able to transmit electric power to Canada and other parts of the USA, then we can remove the gasoline engines and gas tanks from automobiles, trucks and other vehicles and replace them with electric motors in each wheel and also eliminate the transmission.   This is what I and others have called “possibility thinking” (author unknown) and disruptive technology.

     The automobile manufacturing companies worldwide today are probably pushing hard to make their cars all electric in anticipation of the arrival of Hydrogen Fuel Cells, but the questions that remain are how much will it cost and how soon will it happen considering the needed infrastructure?  I believe using the Tesla concepts of transmitting electric power through air or ground to an “ANTENNA AND POWER RECEIVER” in many kinds of vehicles is simpler and would provide a greater return on investment (ROI) for all of us.  Again, “What’s Wrong with the Uncommon, Common Good of the People for a Change, Worldwide?”  Let the automobile companies and others continue to go all electric in their products because when they get done we will replace their Hydrogen infrastructure and Fuel Cells with a grossly more efficient system that Nicola Tesla envisioned over 107 years ago.  Again, together this is “Mind Over Matter” (author unknown).

     Now, when this happens, OPEC and other Countries with oil will not have to ship oil around the World.  All they will have to do is build TESLA ELECTRICAL TRANSMITTING TOWERS in their oil fields and transmit electric power through the air or ground at “commercial power levels” and away they go laughing all the way to the bank.  You could also do this wherever “Natural Gas” or “Coal” fields are located in place of shipping “Liquid Natural Gas” and coal around the World.  I have identified technology to convert coal to utilize “Tesla wireless power”.

     In conclusion, “Opportunities never come to those who wait, but are captured by those who dare to go ahead” (author unknown).

Donald R. Lesiak is a Professional Engineer, a Certified Manufacturing Engineer – Robotics, and a Certified Government Financial Manager and can be reached at in USA at 440-845-4129 or E-Mail: tip-age@ix.netcom.com


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It seems to me that for years, many of those who are passionate about Nicola Tesla, if they even know about him since he has been removed from USA history, speak only about his great accomplishments that occurred in the past during his lifetime .  We know his great inventions were way ahead of his time and have actually helped us to get to where we are today economically and technologically in many of our Countries of the World.  However, TODAY, this is not enough and TODAY we must prepare the “Youth of Today” and the “Future Generations of Tomorrow” by “MAKING HISTORY NOW” and in the future, and not just by talking about the past.  We must do this by doing something constructive NOW, and which we should define and schedule to make it all happen SOON, and of course fund it!

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Having worked as a Consulting Engineer at RCA in Burlington, Massachusetts USA on the NASA Apollo Moon Shot Program, we got built to NASA White Room Specifications the 1st Digital Black Box that throttled the final Descent Engine successfully (automatically or manually as was required).  It was officially called the Apollo Descent Engine Control Assembly (DECA).


NOTE: Antenna below was flown by the USAF from Hanscom AFB, Bedford, MA to Turkey during the Cold War.