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Columbia Physics Department- A Brief History

The Tesla Memorial Society of New York is proud to present to you, our visitors, a brief history of the Columbia Physics Department and Pupin Physics Laboratory.  This booklet, "The Columbia Physics Department" was published by Columbia University.  This is a testimony of the great scientific discoveries and contributions of the Columbia Physics Department in New York City.  Columbia gave the world 28 Nobel Prize winners and many great scientific discoveries which changed the world as we know it today.

  1. The Columbia Physic Department Cover

  2. The Columbia Physic Department Contents

  3. Nobel Laureates from the Columbia Physics Department

  4. Nobel Laureates from the Columbia Physics Department continued

  5. Columbia Physics at the turn of the century

  6. Columbia Physics Department at the beginning of the century

  7. 1906- Letter from H. A. Lorentz to William Hallock

  8. EKA Lecture Volumes from Lorentz, Wien and Planck

  9. Postcard sent by Max Planck to G.B. Pegram

  10. Photo of Albert Einstein

  11. A Letter written in 1912 by Einstein to George Pegram

  12. Photo of Niels Bohr lecturing in Fayerweather Hall, December 1923

  13. Letter by Niels Bohr to George Pegram

  14. Columbia's first PH.D. in Physics (R.A. Millikan)

  15. Letter from R.A. Millikan to George Pegram

  16. From Fayerweather to Pupin

  17. Harold Clayton Urey - Nobel Prize 1934

  18. George Braxton Pegram

  19. Enrico Fermi's joining Columbia

  20. Pegram's note from Rome, 1938 after announcement of the Nobel Prizes

  21. Letter from Stockholm dated December 13th after the award of the Prize

  22. The Manhattan Project and the first Nuclear Pile

  23. Leo Szilard

  24. Photo from 1946, consists of the people involved in the Manhattan Project

  25. I.I. Rabi - Nobel Prize 1944

  26. Beta-Decay and Parity Nonconservation

  27. Particle Physics - C.S. Wu and T.D. Lee