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Tesla Memorial Society of New York


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New York, January 12, 2002


            The purpose of this society is to honor and perpetuate the memory, ideals, scientific achievements and Tesla’s contribution to the progress of humanity.  It was founded in 1979 in Buffalo, New York, USA.  The society is promoting science, peace and brotherhood among nations.  It is a non-profit organization.


Executive Board

Tesla Memorial Society of New York


President – Dr. Ljubo Vujovic M.D., writer, film producer  

Honorary Chairman - Helen Delich Bentley, former US Congresswoman, in her honor the Port of Baltimore was named the "Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore".

Vice President – Professor Dr. Aleksandar Marincic, previous Director of Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, writer, educator, film producer

Vice President – Bishop Irinej Dobrijevic of Australia and New Zealand  - previous Director, Office of Serbian Orthodox Church, Washington D.C.

Vice President – Dr. James F. Corum – writer, scientist and previous Professor of West Virginia University, United States

Vice President – Prof. Jasmina Vujic, University of California at Berkeley

Vice President – Dr. Nenad Mandic, scientist  

Les Drysdale - the famous Tesla monument sculptor of the Tesla Monument at Niagara Falls

Ambassador Dr. Milos Prica - Ambassador of Bosnia and Hercegovina to the United Nations

Dr. Mihailo Rundo - physician in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dr. Michael Pravica - Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Martin Selak  - Inventor, Honorary Chairman of the Committee for 150 years celebration of Michael Pupin's birth and founder of the "Marin Selak Award" for best inventions in Serbia. 

Olivera Kosic - television director

Marc Seifer Ph.D, writer, Tesla Biographer, Hand writing expert

Mark Zito - Niagara Falls Board of Education

Marko Vujovic - Web Designer

Arthur "Jibby" Jibilian - WWII American hero from "Operation Halyard".

W. Barnard Carlson - Writer, Tesla biographer

Treasurer – Capt. Slobodan Todorovic

Dr. Sven Hinrich-Siemers - Director of Nordsee Museums, Husum, Germany

Charlotte Muzar – writer, previous Secretary of Tesla’s nephew, Ambassador Sava Kosanovic

Youth Division – John Wagner, writer, educator

Public Relations – Milan Lučic,  writer,  journalist

Igor Gojkovic - Journalist  

Susannah Norris-Lindsay - artist

Krsto Papic - famous Croatian filmmaker, author of the film: "The Secrets of Nikola Tesla"

Joseph Kinney - Manager of Hotel New Yorker

Prof. Dr. Branko Kovacevic - Dean of Electro-Technical Facility, University of Belgrade

Iwona Vujovic - technical director

Armando Arodondo - director of research

Timothy Thompson - Technical Information Analyst/Special Projects

Mr. Vladimir Jelenkovic - Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Dusan Kalicanin - New York physician

Djura Grubisic - media coordinator

Dr. Edson Andre Johnson - initiated “Global Energy Independence Day,” celebrated on July 10, 2005 -- the birth date of Nikola Tesla.

Miloje Popovic - freelance writer and journalist

Donald Lesiak, former Consulting Aerospace Engineer at RCA on Apollo Descent Engine Control Assembly for Landing on Moon

Ken Russell - famous English film producer, making a new film about Nikola Tesla.

Petar Stojanovic - founder of the Tesla Society of Switzerland

Vasilj Petrovic - P.Eng. PMP

Slobodan Bab Davidovic - magister

Branimir Pofuk - journalist, writer, music critic

Spasenka Scopu - secretary.

Tanja Rudez - journalist, writer.

Dr. Ljiljana Kojic-Bogdanovich - writer, film producer, wrote the screenplay for the new Tesla film "Tesla and Katharine"  with Ken Russell.

Velimir Nestorovic - M.S. Env. Eng.

Ivan Marjanovic De Tonya - writer, researcher and Tesla biographer, Los Angeles, California

Marina Bulatovic - Journalist and publicist, initiator for the Proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day of Science"

Nebojša Stojković - contributor of Tesla photographs

Dr. Sven-Hinrich Siemers - Museums Manager, NordseeMuseum, Husum, Northern Germany. Discovered Nikola Tesla's famous "Blue Portrait" painted by Princess Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy.

Prof. Dr. Ljubinko Ilic - President of JUPIN - Inventors Association

Prof. Dr. Slobodanka Djolic - Member of JUPIN - Inventors Association




Secretaries of Tesla Memorial Society of New York Worldwide


Secretary for Russia – Leonid Leonov, Russian cosmonaut, first man to walk in space

Secretary for Sri Lanka - Sarath Walisundara, Electrical Engineer, visiting lecturer at the College of Technology, Kandy, Sri Lanka (off the southern coast of India).

Secretary for Scotland - A.J. Morton, researcher

Secretary for Turkey - Dr. Niyazi Yukcu, Expert in Molecular and Mathematical Physics - Adiyaman University, Turkey.

Secretary for Brazil - Engineer Cesar Augusto Morelli (Passo Fundo, Brazil)

Secretary for Serbia - Misa Novakovic

Secretary for Canada - Vasilj Petrovic - P.Eng. PMP

Secretary for India - Khurshid Ahmed

Secretary for France – Nicolas Petrovitch-Njegosh, Prince of Montenegro

Secretary for Germany – Dr. Mihailo Rundo, M.D.

Secretary for Japan –Masaaki Shindo, writer, Tesla Biographer

Secretary for Czech Republic – Honorable Vladimar Galuska, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Nations.

Secretary for Brazil - Dennis Pinheiro

Secretary for Croatia - Davor Perkovic

Secretary for Montenegro – Jovan Markus - writer and expert of the Balkans history and art.

Secretary for Spain - Pedro Cruz Pagador

Secretary for Poland – Professor Zbigniew Zimniak, Wroclaw University of Technology

Secretary for Australia - D. Susic, inventor of the biomagnetic micro massage therapy

Secretary for Belgium - Herman Reynaert, Engineer and Researcher

Secretary for Nigeria - Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth, journalist and editor - Nucleus, The Magazine of the Physics and Engineering Physics Society.

Board of Directors

Tesla Memorial Society of New York


Dr. Hani Shennib MD – cardiac surgeon who performed the first cardiac bypass surgery, with the aid of a robot, in New York Metropolitan area.

Margaret Cheney – writer, Tesla Biographer

Leland I. Anderson – writer, researcher, founder of Tesla Society

Prof. Sam Cicalese - Criminal Justice

Kathryn Hauser - American Television in Melville, Long Island

Marko Lopusina -  journalist, writer

Ed Fischer -  Electrical Engineer working for the State of New York

Miro Brankovic - Director for documentary programming, Croatian Television

Prof. Nena Komarica - Art Historian

Boris Pavelic - journalist

Andrej Klancnik - Tesla Relative

Branko Jermanis - Engineer from Croatia

Rajko Pavicevic, writer, journalist, television director

Nenad Milinkovic - M.E.E., MBA

Vasilj Petrovic - P. Eng. PMP PEO Kingway Capter Chair

Ramesh C. Ghildyal - Associate Professor of electronics At the University of Allahabad, India 

Gecko Saccomanno - Founder of Collective: Unconscious Theater in New York City

Dr. Borivoje A. Markovic - Chairman, the Fund for the Development of the Balkans, Inc.

Karel H. Hille - jounrnalist, Editor of MUST Magazine in Harlem, Nederland.

Zorica Civric - Curator of Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Dubravka Smiljanic – Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade  

Scott M. Harney - Advisor, United States Mission to the United Nations

Natasa Kozic

Zenaida A. Pastoriza - Registered Nurse, New York.

Zivadin Krstic - businessman

Milos Raickovich – Composer/conductor

V. Rev. Djokan Majstorovic

V. Rev. Predrag Micic

V. Rev. Toma Stojsic

Tereza Djermis - journalist

Anton Angelich – public relations

Carol Costa – writer, Tesla Biographer

Karen Klami – writer

Professor Henry Stroke – N.Y. University, scientist

Professor Boris Sinkovich – N.Y. University, scientist

Kingsley Samuel – Director of Management Information Systems

Richard L. Hull – Founder, Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond, Virginia, scientist  

Bogdan Kosanovich – computer specialist  

Bhob Stewart – journalist   

Dr. Smilja Matijevic M.D.

Dr. Relja Nedeljkovic

Alex Reyes - University of Texas at Dallas

Prof. Veselin Djuretic - writer

Dr. Dusan Kosovich, M.D.  

Dr. Marisa Pezzulich, M.D.  

Dr. Lila Kalinich, M.D.

Branka Rifai

Vesko Perunovic – Academic artist

Boris Mardesic – Academic artist

Michael Parrinello

Dusko Petrovic – Poet and singer

Prof. Milica Novkovic

Branislav Lucic

Predrag Vujovic

Novica Vujovic

Mirjana van Blaircom - founder of the International Press Academy's Tesla Award in Hollywood.

Prof. Dr. Djordje Lazin - professor Belgrade University.

Prof. Dr. Dragan Radenovic - Harvard University, sculptor of Tesla Bust.

Jeff Rager

Elena Dent

Heerak Shad - Master of Fine Arts, TeleVision and Radio

Jovan Markus - writer and expert of the Balkans history and art.

Aleksandar Ivanovic - publisher

Milos Rastovic - Writer, "Lightning on Demand"