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Alexei Leonov, Russian cosmonaut, first man to walk in space

Above: Russian and American cooperation in space.  Apollo-Soyuz spacecraft connected with docking module.

Above: American and Russian cooperation in space.  American astronaut Tom Stafford shakes hands with cosmonaut Aleksei Leonvo following the historic docking of U.S. Apollo and Soviet Soyuz spacecraft.


Alexei Leonov was the first man to walk in space on March 18, 1965.  This historical walk required him to exit out of his space ship and into space.  For the first time in history a man walked around the outside of a space ship.  Leonov contributed significantly to the exploration of the cosmos and inspired future generations of cosmonauts to exit out of their space ships and conduct important research experiments and work in outer space.  Without his historical walk into space the construction of the international space station would not be possible.  He also made significant scientific contribution to the science of space exploration.

Cosmonaut Leonov was awarded the "Tesla Worldwide Gathering Award" in 1996 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  He is a great admirer of Nikola Tesla.  In his acceptance speech of the "Tesla Worldwide Gathering Award" he said:

"Every device which is moving today on Earth, in the depth of the seas, on the surface of the sea, in the air, and the cosmos, needs for its function, electrical machines invented by Nikola Tesla".

Alexei Leonov is the Secretary of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York for Russia.  He is a great man in history.