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Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla in the year 2006 is worldwide


Nikola Tesla's name and his legacy is a symbol of peace, scientific progress and brotherhood between all nations and religions around the world.

Nikola Tesla's legacy is a factor of peace between various people of the Balkans and people of the previous Austro-Hungarian Empire, where Tesla was born, studied and worked.


Proposal to name the International Belgrade Airport- "Nikola Tesla Airport"

"Nikola Tesla Year 2006" proclaimed by UNESCO and Serbian and Croatian Government

Proposal for "Nikola Tesla Day", July 10th, through the United Nations made by Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Tesla Forum from Australia.

The Archive of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, named by UNESCO, "Memory of the World".

Nikola Tesla's Letter to the American Red Cross announcing he had received an extraterrestrial communication (by Prof. James Corum)



Memory of the World, United Nations (Unesco)

2 September 2003 Some 600 works of the 10th century physician and scientist Ibn Sina and the archives of Nikola Tesla, a pioneer in electrification, are among the 23 documentary collections from 20 countries selected for inscription on the Memory of the World Register of library and archive material. The International Advisory Committee of UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme selected the collections during a meeting in Gdansk (Poland) that ended last Saturday.

Nikola Tesla's Archive in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) constitutes a unique collection of 160,000 pages of patent documentation, scientific correspondence, scientific papers, manuscripts, technical drawings, scientific measuring data, personal documents and legal papers, as well as 1,000 original photographs of Tesla's experiments and inventions, all of which are indispensable to the study of the history of electrification.

A total of 91 properties from 45 countries are inscribed on the Memory of the World Register, which was established in 1997 to preserve and promote documentary heritage of universal value.

Memory of the World by the United Nations click here


Click here for Nikola Tesla Busts in Major Universities at the following Universities:

1. Harvard (Physics Dept.)

2. Yale (EE Dept.)

3. Princeton (EE Dept.)

4. MIT (EE Dept.)

5. Cal Tech (Physics Dept.)

6. U. Michigan (EE Dept.)

7. U. Wisconsin (Physics Dept.)

8. U. Maryland (Physics Dept.)

9. U. Illinois (EE. Dept.)

10. Purdue U. (EE. Dept.)

11. U. Pennsylvania (Physics Dept.)

12. Georgia Tech (EE Dept.)

13. Cornell U. (Physics Dept.)

14. Michigan State U. (Physics Dept.)

15. Johns Hopkins U. (Physics Dept.)

16. Penn State U. (Physics Dept.)

17. Duke U. (EE Dept.)

18. Carnegie Mellon U. (EE Robotics Dept.)

Above: Tesla's actual hand written letter to the American Red Cross, courtesy of
Prof. James Corum.



To the American Red Cross,    New York City.


The retrospect is glorious, the prospect inspiring:  Much might be said of both.  But one idea dominates my mind.  This  -  my best, my dearest  -  is for your noble cause.

  • I have observed electrical actions, which have appeared inexplicable.  Faint and uncertain though they were, they have given me a deep conviction and foreknowledge that are long all human beings on this globe, as one, will turn their eyes to the firmament above, with feelings of love and reverence, thrilled by the glad news: " Brethren!  We have a message from another world, unknown and remote.  It reads:  one  ...  two  ...  three  ..."


Christmas  1900*

Nikola Tesla


     *The date would appear to be Orthodox Christmas, January 7, 1900.  Tesla died on this very night, exactly 43 years later.  This is also the date of the last entry made in the Colorado Springs notes.